Down The Rabbit Hole 2018

That won’t do. Destroy the place

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I’m at the Maison the Faux. I’m next in line to ‘give birth’. Looking forward to it.

No, cracking lineup though.

Might be at Eindhoven Psych Fest?

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Just went in the Maison the Faux for a giving birth simulation. They attached electrodes to my stomach and rubbed me all over. It hurt quite a lot but felt strangely good. Feel a little bit weird now.


Heading back to the tent for more win. Bar queues are massive.

Lemme know, Eindhoven isn’t far even if it is well weird (not in a good way)

The tent heat has turned my wine into mulled wine


Please go on

One of my work mates is there.

Say hi from me

I will, but another time

Had a lie down, now wandering around between the shaded areas.

There’s a problem with the balloon pumping competition and none of them will burst. I hope this is intentional.

They’ve closed it down

One of the fountains pumps an oil like substance and some of it splashed onto my WHITE t shirt. wtf. Where do I stand legally?

Further away from the fountain?


Just saw some girl feeding a guy a Capri Sun like it was some sort of panacea

There is a distinct lack of water here. There’s a stall selling mineral water, but other than that I haven’t seen a single free water source outside of the camp site. Wouldn’t be surprised if some people start passing out

Having a sit down

Just remembered that I forgot my towel. That’s a shame.