Downer/Downbeat Albums

Looking to expand my repertoire of this stuff. Doesn’t have to be rock/indie at all but was thinking of early Smog or Songs:Ohia when I conceived this post. Lonely Christmas but not irredeemably bleak vibes.

This was quite a good thread along those lines

A lot of the big hitters are mentions - Low, Elliott Smith plus Smog, Jason Molina, Sparklehorse etc.


Will have a look, but already am well acquainted with all you mentioned.

Thanks though!

Own a lot of the stuff in discogs already, but can see some new stuff in the DiS thread.

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Yeah I was going to say, the thread itself is excellent.


Thanks Matt. This sounds pretty spot on and also unknown to me!

I love this track and am delighted each time you post it.

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Have this playlist


Carissa’s Wierd - Songs About Leaving has been my mope soundtrack of recent.

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this is my melancholia playlist, sorry about being on Apple

I like Tim Eriksen for his Appalachian stuff but have never listened to this.

I don’t know any of this stuff and consequently feel scared and alone. Probably gonna be great then!

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Dark and cold is the perfect time for this

Only just realised recently how good this is

A sumptuously cinematic type of downbeat

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The Glow is an excellent album. Am a bit wary of a Crow as that just sounds a bit too bleak for me.

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American Music Club - California
Mark Lanegan - Whisky for the Holy Ghost
Tarnation - Gentle Creatures
Bedhead - Beheaded
Spain - The Blue Moods of Spain
The Czars - The Ugly People vs the Beautiful People
Gravenhurst - Fires in Distant Buildings
Movietone - Day and Night


ooh yes

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The latest Emma Ruth Rundle album is pretty bleak. I’ve been really …er… enjoying it these last few weeks:


Beat me to it. Not on any streaming service and never reissued, tragically, both due to ongoing label wrangles.

One of the greatest albums ever made though, and well worth the slight effort needed to find a copy.