jordan dowsing


It’s all in the blog post in the OP, if you’re really interested.

Drowsing, more like!


Jeez, the science bores on that thread are just making me want to take up dowsing.


The guy who’s like “you’re wasting my money!!!”, jeez.
Swear to god every time I look at twitter I immediately want to cave someone’s head in.

I’m really not.

Love when they have to respond to shitposts with serious replies ‘no i’m sorry darren but unfortunately magic crystals aren’t legal currency’ :joy:

An update from Ireland.

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I am intrigued by these devices. If only there were a place on the internet where I could read a lengthy discourse on their workings and their similarity or not to dowsing.

Also they’ve mistyped @Epimer’s name.


Oh fuck I forgot I had an actual real life argument about this with somebody the other day. They’ve got a hard science degree and should know better.

Humphrys asked: “So is it completely inconceivable that there might be something to do with the movement of water under the earth and, I don’t know, it sends a signal, some sort of signal, magnetic or whatever, God knows, through your nerves or something?”

The BBC’s finest, ladies and gentlemen.


Bet you’re feeling pretty stupid now that this has been proven “a thing”!
Full apology, to dowseivers (dowsing believers/enlightened dowsers)

You’re a thing.

new mogwai album

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It was an excruciating interview, even by Humphrys’ standards. It could only have been improved by getting Nigel Lawson in to add some balance.