Dr Aksac's Evening Session

Dr Aksac is now in session. At a loose end? Do you need a prescription for your evening? Let me know, I’ll tell you what to do.

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Thank you for your service

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What can I do that is like reading a really good book without having to start a new book that might not be good?

Do you know a way to train a cat to stroke my hair?

Open to other suggestions for my evening as the cat training seems intensive.

I saw something earlier today that I thought you’d like. If I was in the secret santa I’d probably get it for you

I know this is not the remit of the thread but I thought I’d let you know anyway

Should I join gusto or some shit after Christmas

You’re going to the nearest Asda for a walk about and then the closest Subway and you’ll have one of them Christmas subs. Leave M at home she’ll be fine.

Get rid of the cat.

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It’s nice that every year you tease me with a gift and then ultimately don’t deliver :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I do want it)

No. As for this evening, you’re going dancing!

Apart from Subway this sounds magnificent. Love a good meander around a totally soulless supermarket (really). I could maybe take the cat there and leave him in the pet food aisle in a little how may I help you asda jacket.

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Think that’s a bad advice as I nearly had a fight when I went out dancing Friday

It’s a bit I’ve been working on for a few years now

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You won’t tonight, it’ll be wicked! Get your glad rags on x

Perfect! I love seeing a patient willing to go the extra mile and help themselves. Have a great time!

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Hi Dr. Aksac. I’m torn between watching Microhabitat (2017), The Killing of a sacred deer (2017) and The Power of the Dog (2021) tonight. Please advise

I really liked The Killing of a sacred deer so watch that, and then watch some YouTubes of middle aged men fixing gutters. Once you’ve watch an hour, go and get a mcflurry.

Lanthimos it is. No mcflurry, but I might have some ice cream from the freezer

That’s not what I prescribed.

Can I get the mcflurry on the national health?

Don’t be so bloody stupid

i lost a stone over the last three months and appear to have put it back on over the weekend. what can be done?

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