Dr DiS: Allergies!

Right, to make this a thread, tell me what you’ve got and how you deal with it. Special diet? Anti-histos? Live in a bubble? Hit me!

Over the last two months I’ve become covered in an itchy flakey rash that’s been getting worse. I thought it was dust mites based on internet research, so I’ve bought loads of anti-allergy bedding, have sprayed a mite-killer over everything and have started washing everything at higher temperatures. I’ve even bought a dehumidifier to help keep the damp down.

Despite all that, things actually got a bit worse last night as my throat started to feel tight. Like it was closing. It’s not restricting my breathing or anything and I managed to get some sleep.

I called 111 this morning and they’re like “go and see your doctor asap”. I’ve got a three hour meeting about to start, so when that’s done I’ll check the hilarious and informative replies in this thread as I try and make an appointment.

Any idea what else could be causing it pals?

I’ve not changed wash powder or anything and I’d been in my new flat for about six weeks when it started.

See you in a couple of hours!

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Oh, should add, I’ve never had anything like this before, ever, but my skin is generally deeply deeply crap (psoriasis).

Only other long term issue is arthritis. Otherwise I’m fit as a butcher’s fiddle.

Probably just your body failing with age. H2h.

Seriously though a similar thing happened to me when I lived in a pretty sketchy flat and i’m pretty sure it was dust related. It settled down after a while but i’m still a bit sensitive to it.

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Got any feathers in your pillows? Or latex?

Yeah, I’m on the downward slide now. Just going to continue decaying until I shuffle off.

I was hoping it would settle down, but it hasn’t.

Long shot, but have you changed your washing tabs/powder/softener? Certain brands make me itchy as fook.


That’s optimistic :skull_and_crossbones:


Nah, got anti-allergy badboys now.

Did you have feathers before? Antigen can linger…

Also, do you have a cat?

Hayfever has started today, roughly 2 months of misery await.

Find anti-histamine only does half the job so definitely looking for any more help.

Used Fairy tabs after moving, but gone back to the powder now. That’s what I used before.

I think one thing can be said of the brilliant users of the drowned in sound community, and that is that we are all allergic to bad music


tbf this is could be psychosomatic. I get this all of the time cause I had a few allergic reactions to odd stuff recently and I have serious anxiety about my throat closing up which in turn makes it feel worse. Are you particularly anxious at the moment? Could it be globus sensation?

Nope, never had feathers.

First time living without a cat in a long time.

Probably the standard an evil troll stealing bits of your soul while you sleep.

On a serious note, could it be a sudden reaction/intolerance to any sort of food? The TV has a dairy allergy and if she eats anything dairy based it makes her itchy/rash appears.

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are you on any medications?

Have you had the heating on around you loads recently?

Are you under loads of stress?

I was advised to take antihistamines daily from about Mar to Oct so to have a background level in my system when the pollen really kicks in.

I am a global sensation tbf!

Plenty of anxiety right now, but don’t think there was when this started. Thanks though!

I do this, it works so much better than waiting until you’re sneezing and your eyes are streaming

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I have an allergy to ceptrin.