Dr. Dre — The Chronic — 25 Year Anniversary


For me this wasn’t the landmark album that Doggystyle was, but Nothin But G Thang and F with Dre are some of my earliest memories of rap.

Favs now are Lil Ghetto Boy, Stranded on Death Row, Lyrical Gangbang and of course Deeez Nuuts.

Album still sounds incredible too.

Weiss wrote about this too


Think Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat is my personal pick, followed bt stranded on death row… love this album even though for me 2001 was a much bigger deal as I got acquainted with rap

Fuck right off, no way that’s 25 years old. Jesus. Wouldn’t have even thought it was 20 years old!! WOT AN ALBUM

This the main thing that strikes me whenever I shove it on. Dre made headphones records that’d make your trunk rattle. There aren’t many hip hop albums made up to that point that hold up so well with a good pair of cans.

Same could be said of Efil4zaggin which is even older. Dre always has been a fantastic producer of sound.

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“Bodies being found on Greenleaf…”

Not much to add really. Classic album. I know it’s super obvious, but my favourite tracks are still Let Me Ride and G Thang.

I think this has aged better than Doggystyle, personally. I rarely go back to that album, whereas The Chronic has got pretty regular plays since it came out.


Also, yet another rap classic that isn’t on Spotify.

Beats are owned by Apple, innit

Oh yeah. Of course. But 2001 is on there?

there goes my theory! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

this from the same time from the Friday (and later Ali G) soundtrack is also an absolute anvil of rap music dropped on your head

Chronic not being on there is a weird one to me. He owns digital rights so idk. Seems like he’d take 2001 off too but maybe he doesn’t own the full rights to that one? Maybe sample clearance issues w chronic? Kinda crazy that he dropped another album recently and it’s basically been forgotten about.

Yeah. Bits of that album were decent, it was so much better than anything he’d put out in the last decade or so before it (i need a doctor, crack a bottle etc), it wasn’t completely musically irrelevant and it broke Anderson Paak. Yet it’s somehow so unremarkable and forgettable the same time

Not strictly elated to The Chronic but I came across this lately - pretty fun listen. Is what it says on the tin. Orchestral versions of Dre beats.

It’s a real forgotten Dre classic. A real earworm if ever there was one.

The whole Snoop thing on The Chronic was just outstanding. Unknown awkward looking dude on the MTV videos at the time… but then he rapped and oh my, he changed Rap, moved it on somehow from NWA with an even darker threatening tone. Stone cold classic album (The Chronic). Doggystyle somehow wanders into movie style territory and is slightly less, um, classic because of it but still very good.

Yeah. Crazy that he’d never look to camera given what he’s become.

Doggystyle hasn’t aged as well because a lot of it is too juvenile to revisit as a 40 year old man. Even as a 15 year old ‘Ain’t No Fun’ was stupid.

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Agreed. Doggystyle is class in its own way, great production but a lot more juvenile than the superior The Chronic.

Doggystyle is better