Dr John RIP

Sad news, I loved this guy. One of the few musical enthusiasms I shared with my dad, I pinched his copy of the Such A Night Live In London album twenty years ago and still play it to this day. I saw him in Bristol a few years ago and he was frail then, but still did a great show. It’s fair to say he had a colourful life and I’ll miss him

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The swamps fall silent

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Love Dr John. New Orleans holds a special place in my heart and he was the embodiment of the spirit of the city. RIP.

Oh terrible news. Always loved that version of ‘such a night’ on the last waltz.

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Awww man just seen this :frowning_face:

Think I’ve been muddling Dr John up with Dr Hook. Sorry Dr John.

Not a real doctor

Weirdly had Jump Sturdy in my head last night. Must have been some cosmic swamp ripples. What a great, really made some magic records and was still growling and grooving til the end

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Love those two albums with the meters, as well as the ‘classics’
Plus my fave disney tune…

This is glorious