Dr. Martens

last pair of DMs I had lasted maybe just over a year before they basically fell apart. Fuck them!


Last month I found a pair in a recycling pile at Beautiful Days festival. A good find.


Bought some vegan ones a few years ago and they’re gorgeous but so uncomfortable, i think i have to lose a lot of weight to shrink my feet to fit in them. I am a size 6.5-7 and got them in a size 6 bc size 7 just looked way too big. I can get them on but it doesn’t feel too good

wear my 1461s every day and they’re comfy as fuck, like walking on air. look beautiful after several years of wear. need to replace the laces, they’re about to go though.

wore them with running shorts at green man and got told I look like a schoolboy and or a pervert


This. Solovair for life.

I think the ‘Made in UK’ DMs are made under licence by solovair and other UK bookmakers for DM. At least they used to be anyway.

Quality of Solovair is so much better than standard DMs and in some cases cheaper as well.


As a 90’s grunger I had a pair which I bought in the mid 90’s lasted until glastonbury 2003 where I lost them within 10 mins of arriving on site.I get the feeling they would have just carried on going. Never got round to getting another pair but I have a pair of Grenson boots which I love and reckon they have years in them.

I do like the way Dm boots look. They are iconic.


Bought by a private equity fund in 2013. Only 1% of their output made in the U.K. now. Withdrew the lifetime guarantee they used to offer in 2016.




I think this thread is the first time I’ve heard of solvair. Might have to dip in if they ever do a vegan run of the platform boots


I bought a new pair last year, and have worn them about three times, which isn’t enough to break them in properly.

The fact that they are now not what they were doesn’t really matter to me, because let’s face it a mid-life crisis is a mid-life crisis however you chop it up.


Think I’ve seen they do a vegan range. Worth signing up to their mailing list as they tend to do limited runs of different styles, so some sizes and styles might be out of stock periodically

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All these replies and not a single one of these:


Got myself a pair a few months back.


Was Dr Marten himself a Nazi trying to invent an anti trenchfoot boot or is that an urban legend?

GP in Cornwall afaik


Waitrose car park Nazi

Thinking about some Solovairs or Loake’s myself (also UK made, also with the DM style air sole)

But getting antsy over making the “perfect” pick given the cost

Think I’m gonna get a pair of brothel creepers soon.