Dr. Martens

mine are more or less to size, maybe running a tiiiiny bit large but going down even a half size would be too much, I reckon. I just don’t wear super thin socks with them and I’m good.

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Same, pretty much to size if not slightly on the larger side. Put an inner sole in and they’re bang on now

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You’ve got the astronaut 6 eye boots right? That’s what’s tempting me, feel like taller ones are just a bit … restrictive?/I have shitty weak ankles

Yep. They don’t have a rim around the top like some so they don’t feel restrictive. Exciting you’re considering them, I’ve seldom seen Solovair out and about up here, loads of DMs obviously but Solovair is pretty rare

Was gonna get some similar (and pricier) Loake’s today actually, but they shut at 4 - their loss, Solovair’s gain!

(Will probs buy them too tbf then have a mini crisis deciding what to keep, as per usual)

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Yep same. Unfixable. Both soles came away from the uppers. So annoying

I’ve been considering a new pair of Docs or Solvairs as mentioned here. Does anyone know if Solvair sizing a similar to Docs? Nowhere to try them on in the US, at least not near me.

Tried some Made in England docs the other day. Way stiffer than I remember my 90s docs being.

best £3 I’ve spent all year


I couldn’t find Solovairs physically in stock anywhere in London so I bought more Docs. Not fun trying to break in new boots running around an airport.