Dr Oetker Pizza Company Returns Stolen Nazi Art to Rightful Owners




price to quality ratio Dr. Oetker might be the greatest pizzas of all time.

Not sure if I should eat them now though


They returned it to…the Nazis?!1


I’m revising the fact that I never eat these pizzas from a matter of taste to a boycott.


Haven’t read the article but they aren’t generally considered to be the rightful owners of the art they nabbed, are they?


nono from the Nazi-stolen art collection they own back to the rightful owners you see


People on internet not reading words shocker.


i mean technically the entire business was set up with profits from nazi germany tho…


If you were a business in Germany at that time you would a have found it difficult not to be contributing to the Nazi war effort in one way or another


Well you would say that, JonnyMango Von Bismark etc


pretty Tory idea this isn’t it. should just give all nazi stolen art to the state at this stage


You wouldn’t necessarily have had to join the Waffen SS though


I remember when I visited the Lloyds building years ago being shown Ledgers of slave ships that sunk on the Atlantic passage & how much compensation each shipping company received

We were told by a guide that there was a 15 year or so period before the slave trade was outlawed by the British Navy where it was more ‘cost effective’ for ships full of slaves to be sunk off the coast of West Africa & insurance claimed than it was to make the transatlantic journey - so then Lloyds would insist on sending a man or two on each journey to make sure ‘no rules were breached’

Capitalism eh?


While the principle is sound it’s fairly problematic to have private property confiscated by the (Nazi) State years later returned back to the State instead of being offered back to the rightful (by law) owners


They returned it to…das nazis??


Haha didn’t think of that irony


Dr oetkers are obviously the best frozen pizza you can get, so if I continue to buy these does that make me a nazi sympathiser, or just a bit of a Tory?!


Yeah- I need to know before dinner time!


For the record I won’t stop buying these


Ah good, neither will I obviously. Will just hide them at the bottom of my basket :slight_smile: