Drag City on Spotify?!?

Not sure what’s going on here, but the below playlist: This is Drag City, has links to Silver Jews, Smog and a whole load of other things which aren’t otherwise searchable on Spotify…

So if I search for Silver Jews, I get nothing. If I click on the artist name in the above playlist I can access all of their albums:

Hopefully not a glitch or a one off, but maybe a sign of things to come. Would make my day if true




Interesting might be something up with the search cache updating because when I search silver jews no artists show BUT the songs populate and I can click through.

Saved all the smog and silver Jews stuff and they’re in my library now. got a bunch of them down loading into my offine albums playlist too so hopefully they’ll stay!

An elaborate April fools?


Wonder if this is the start of a staggered release of some Drag City onto Spotify? Finally able to listen to new Ty Segall.

I can see like seven Silver Jews records if I search by artist name.

But I’m getting the same thing with Smog - can only see 3-4 albums if I search, and I don’t think they’re the same Smog. But if I go in through the Drag City playlist I get more. So yeah, hopefully the albums being rolled out.

quite excited. bookmarking stuff and hoping it’s all still there when i get back to my computer in 3 days.

I really hope so. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re messing around

Nice! Going out for a drive along the coast in a bit, gonna listen to Held really loud!


This is great news! Just seen that the Aerial M is on there too - lovely stuff!

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Still no I See A Darkness though :confused:

got Sleeper on now <3

Oldham and Joanna Newsom etc must still be holding out, as artists individually not keen on streaming. Drag City must have given an opt out option.

So what’s everyone’s favourite drag city releases then?

Joanna seems to be on google play music as well… i’m only seeing the will oldham albums i’ve uploaded myself though.

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Nice to see the latest White Fence album up even if the one before is still missing

YES! Brilliant news. Thanks for alerting us to this!

Currently listening to: Snares Like A Haircut :metal:


Some very cryptic Instagram posts today