Drag City on Spotify?!?


Difficult to argue with that, I also rank Ease Down The Road VERY highly too


The Lost Blues and Other Songs compilation’s amazing… has all the early singles like Ohio River Boat Song and Come In. Cracking stuff.
Have always had a fondness for Master & Everyone too.


I’ve got that one but it’s never grabbed me that much. Enjoy Master and Everyone more.


Don’t know if it’s up on Spotify yet, but last year’s Wolf of the Cosmos, BPB’s reinterpretation of Susanna’s Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos, is a recent gem. Susanna’s back catalogue is also worth exploring generally. The Bonnie Prince lost me a bit with Best Troubador, but I am right back with him on this.


I see a darkness, ease down the road and master and everyone is a stunning 3 album run. Ease down the road probably just shades it for me - At the break of day does me every time on that record.


Having a Smog day. He really used to be phenomenal huh. it’s a shame that his last couple of solo albums have been such boring drivel.



Whaaaaat Apocalypse and Eagle are fantastic!? Never really gave Dream River or Have Fun with God much of a listen though…


Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle is right up there with his best stuff. I genuinely find everything since incredibly dull and monotonous.


Can’t agree re: his last albums. I really like Dream River & Apocalypse.
However, Happy Smog day… it’s one of my favourite holidays!


Haven’t really gotten into his later stuff either, I listened to Apocalypse recently and it was fine as background music but only one or two tracks that I’d actually stick on again. I put on a track or two of Dream River a while back too and had the same thought.

Gave Sometimes I Wish I Were an Eagle a first listen this week though and it’s such a cut above those two.


Definitely recommend giving Dream River a shot. It’s got some real sprawling psychedelic stuff on there. Flute and fiddle used to great effect too. It may be my favorite of his.

Got bang back into Bill since a couple of his from Apocalypse were on the Wild Wild Country soundtrack. In fact that whole soundtrack is great.


Plenty o’ flute and fiddle sounds intriguing! Will deffo give it a spin now that it’s streaming!

Aha yeah I’m in the same boat! I’m up to episode four but after hearing America at the end of the first part, I’ve been on a bit of binge too :slightly_smiling_face:


Just out of interest, which tracks held your attention?


Great documentary… loved how Drover was used. And what a tune.


Yeah I love the use of the Damian Jurado song, really captures that serenity of life at Rajneeshpuram in the video montage. Thought this was a really interesting piece and mirrors pretty much how I felt.


Enjoy the idea her husband has to pay for the privilege


Universal Applicant and Free’s are a bit nothingy but the other five are properly incredible songs imo. Quite varied too - Baby’s Breath, America!, Drover…

Riding For The Feeling and One Fine Morning both maybe suffer from being long contemplative ballady ones but they’re both great

Dream River grew on me a bit but it’s its one of his worst, agreed. Small Plane is lovely though


Cheers for linking the piece! Was just browsing through the soundtrack playlist and there plenty of artists to check out as I’m only really familiar with Bill Callahan, Kevin Morby and Timbre Timbre. Some great picks indeed!


kind of get what you’re saying

like, he lost his edge, which used to offset the alt country/folk-isms or drippy singer-songwriter elements and make his music really compelling

but I still think his albums under his own name are gorgeous, so w/e


yeah i’d hesitate to say he’s got bad or anything but he’s drifted slightly away from the elements of his stuff that i liked the most