Drag City on Spotify?!?

Are they on Drag City now? Had been wondering why that album hadn’t shown up

This is great news. Thanks

Although part of me feels a little sad that they’ve finally had to succumb. Feel like I should buy a load of stuff to make up for it.

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I found 2 Palace Music singles.

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As time goes on it’s going to be harder and harder to attract a roster of artists without exposure on streaming services. And as time goes on less and less bands will carry a strong enough reputation (ala Joanna Newsom) to still be profitable and viable without streaming as a means of exposure.

I respect their dedication to the cause but ultimately if a record label wishes to stay viable these days then I don’t think there is much choice.


This is such a treat :open_mouth:

Download all the albums

Yep! Just for their last record. Been bingeing the hell of out the rest of their catalogue this week.

Can’t wait to catch up on some Ty Segall records :heart:




fwiw, i’ve always found spotify to be the slowest of all the streaming sites to publish stuff so there’s probably more coming.

I’ve still only ever really listened to Nouns I’ve got some catching up to do!

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Huge thanks for this post! Have always craved Silver Jews on this platform and look forward to investigating the atalogue of other artsists further.

Would likewise love to hear some recommendations beyond them and Will Oldham

I’ve always loved the first Cindy Dall album

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I’m somewhat gutted this has happened today, I didn’t get No Age tickets for their Glasgow gig tonight cause I hadn’t heard the new album yet and now I’m working

This is all very exciting news

Ty Segall, now that they’ve more than just his early lo-fi stuff on there. Manipulator is great, and the more acoustic Sleeper might suit your other Drag City tastes

It’s been great to hear some old favourites which I haven’t heard in too long. When I moved to Spotify, I started to ignore the CDs boxed in my garage, and when my player broke a few years back, I didn’t bother to replace.
Just spotted Alaisdair Roberts back catalogue is up now. Loved ‘No Earthly Man’ when it came out but probably haven’t heard it in the last ten years.

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Something about easter eggs

The last two Wand albums are up as well

about time