Drag City on Spotify?!?


Imagine if it was an april fool and they all disappeared at midday in america time.


I just ripped the drag city stuff and stuffed it on my phone. Good to have em on there now tho




Divers is really a lot better than I remember.

apart from that one track

  • Anecdotes
  • Sapokanikan
  • Leaving the City
  • Waltz of the 101st Lightborne
  • The Things I Say
  • Divers
  • Same Old Man
  • You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
  • A Pin-Light Bent
  • Time, as a Symptom

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Dear Drag City,

I used to buy lps based on reviews (how quaint!) preview tracks etc but these days I’ve limited myself to listening to things on Spotify first and then, if I like /love it, buying the vinyl. Because I’m now able to stream releases like the new new age lp, you’ll probably end up with me spending more than £100 on drag city music this year that I otherwise wouldn’t have done. Thank you.

All the best


P. S. There are bound to be people who “consume” (urrghhhh) /purchase music in a different way to me and I sure some of them will lay into me for what I’ve said above. How you buy/listen to music seems to be a very emotive issue for some people. That said, I think there are enough people like me to make this Spotify experiment worth your while.



i’d say it goes both ways alright. I’m probably more likely to buy something if i can’t stream it because logic, but if i really really like something i’ll do both


actually don’t buy fuck all at the moment and the main reason is lack of storage on my phone, which is my only music player atm.


Yeah I’ve bought a handful of Drag City albums over the years but I ordinarily tend to find myself more likely to buy stuff I’ve been able to spend a bit of time with via Spotify - unless I’m already into the artist, something not being on Spotify isn’t more likely to make me buy it instead, but more likely to leave it as a blindspot (even when an album is on youtube, it doesn’t seem quite the same for whatever reason).

The later Oh Sees albums finally appearing on Spotify last year led me to buying 3 of them and flying to Manchester to see them. I already bought Manipulator last year as an intro to him but I can see myself picking up more Segall albums now that I can better investigate where to go next.

(Again this is just specific to my own particular ‘consuming’ habits though rather than being universal)



Could be wrong about this, but there’s something in the back of my mind that when Drag City rolled out onto Apple Music last year they did a bit of a staggered release, adding releases in batches based on their year of release.

Today’s blog on their website might suggest this is the case?


And maybe would explain why Palace Brothers/Music only has the one full release up so far (both linked on the blog post). Hopefully this means we might see a few old favourites pop up on the service over the next few weeks? One can hope.


Noticed the Smog catalogue is patchy too (but contains a couple I’ve wanted to check out beyond the ones I already have so I’m not complaining)

Also got some of the Palace stuff already but hoping Days in the Wake and Lost Songs go up


I really recommend people check out that Accumulation None compilation. Mint stuff


Yeah, that’s a great compilation. Love the version of Chosen One on that.


This is such great news!


I Break Horses is amazing


am I being thick… dont know where the Joanna Newsom is


Her records aren’t on there yet. But I think they are on other streaming services, so hopefully they might turn up soon. I think she’s been pretty vocal against Spotify before though, so I suppose there’s a chance they won’t go up.
Fingers crossed though. I don’t really know the last album that well, and would like to spend some time with it.


yeah I feel a bit bad cause it is so bad for artists remuneration but I cant access music otherwise :confused: