Drag City on Spotify?!?


I really really really hope so.

I LOVE joanna newsome. But my wife and kids HATE her. Only have her records on vinyl or cd so can only listen to them “publicly”, not on my Bluetooth headphones or in my car. Basically I only ever listen to her when I have the house to myself which is very infrequently. I still don’t know divers that well which is a real shame.


A true Easter treat for all balding forty something indie chaps everywhere!


it blows my mind that some people dont like Joanna Newsom

cant get my head around it


Can everyone who hasn’t listened to the Silver Jews just do it please? They are the best band ever and you will not regret it :smiley:


Was actually sat in awe at some of the lyrics earlier (it’s been a while) - guy’s truly exceptional.


Random Rules probably one of the greatest album openers.



I only know one song from their (I think) last album that I had as a free download from somewhere years ago (Strange Victory). Looking forward to diving in properly when I get back home later in the week


You’re in for an absolute treat. American Water in particular is incredible


I’d put the natural bridge up there too.


wonder if they will start adding download codes to LPs aswell?

I’m fans of Wand, Ty Segall, OM albums on Drag City so glad they’ve made it to Spotify.


Anyone else still struggling to actually search for the artists. A link to the artist’s page from that playlist works fine for eg. Bill Callahan. But search for him and you get nothing.


Ignore me. Did something weird…


Bright Flight 4 lyf


You need one of these


Hoping that the Papa M, Loose Fur and Ghost stuff will show up at some point.


Whilst I admired their dedication to the no streaming thing, that’s honeslty a business practice that, if you don’t mind me saying

CAN GO F*** it’s self and is very anti-consumer


Can’t you just plug your phone into your car stereo? Or download the albums from the CD or vinyl code and listen to them on headphones?


I used to be so anti streaming but yeah I agree


Nouns is probably still my favourite but I also really rated the slightly more restrained feedback drenched ambiance that they created on An Object.