Drag City on Spotify?!?


Ah man, that sucks! I’d only listened to Snares once or two but picked a ticket regardless due to their reputation as being an impressive live act. Did you manage to get out of work and blag a ticket in the end?


Heh I wish! Last two joanna newsome albums on vinyl don’t come with a download code. She seems to really hate any kind of electronic music transmission! You’re either spinning the black circle or you’re not listening.

And yes I know I COULD buy the cds instead and this is a problem of my own creation to an extent but no thanks


Ha in that case I’d probably just err pirate the mp3s


Meh not making a judgement if that’s your thing but not for me. I’d rather just whinge about my first world problems on here!


Fair enough. When I was a teenager / student I didn’t have Spotify and I’d spent a lot of money on cds but to hear all the stuff I wanted meant getting desensitised to piracy was almost inevitable


My nieces, when younger, were scared of Joanna Newsom. They called her the singing witch.


I wish I had but I couldn’t get anyone to cover my shift. Hopefully I’ll catch them another time


Surely if you already own the vinyl though then you’re not doing any harm? I’ve not pirated anything since streaming came into existence but I used to be pretty bad for it when I was a teenager. Made up for it a bit by spending like £100 a month on records when I was working full time but staying at my parents. Now I have rent and bills and my record player is fucked I just try and support artists by going to their shows (sorry this ramble went on a lot longer than I’d intended it to)


I don’t think it’s about doing harm really; I just think that once I started it I would pirate everything. I find it very hard to moderate things, it’s how I am.

(I found straight-up vegetarianism easy to follow but my preceding months of ‘I’ll just cut down on meat’ impossible: I tend to be a bit ‘all or nothing’).


Fair enough, I did the exact same thing when I went vegetarian!


So when I search for Smog, Bill Callahan or Silver Jews nothing comes up but if I search for individual albums they appear. Is this what’s happening for everyone else?


Yeah basically - think it’ll take a few days to fully click.


I’ve listened to American Water three times in a row this morning, I forgot how much I loved it


Just heard it for the first time … really is great.


More Smog stuff on Google Play… I heard this version of I Was A Stranger years ago not knowing where it was from, even better than the version on Red Apple Falls.


More Smog has appeared today (including Dongs of Sevotion yessss)


really? that’s a bit much.


Ol Newsom’s on Spotify now!