Drag City on Spotify?!?


That’s just her Muppet song


her albums do show up via playlists but aren’t playable


not JUST her muppet song!


Just listened to half of Dongs Of Sevotion on my walk to town. ‘Strayed’ blew me away. Cannot wait for the rest.


If this development simply gets more people listening to Bill Callahan, then it’s truly worthwhile. The man deserves a massive audience.


Was so good to listen to him again this morning. Since my iPod terminally died and I have no CD player here, I’ve not listened to him for donkies. So wonderful


Where is a good place to start with him? Always someone I’ve meant to check out but never got round to


i was going to mention this earlier in the thread - honestly think the death of the ipod was a real turning point for streaming vs buying music. i remember being really annoyed when they discontinued because i knew it was going to push me down the streaming/smartphone route, and here indeed i am.
also ipods had great sound quality if you use good headphones with them.


Really miss mine. Had my entire collection on it. And stuff I’d download from emusic and the like. Don’t have a lot of that stuff now (the laptop it was stored on died, the iPod died). So that pushed me properly down the streaming route.


For me, always A River Ain’t Too Much To Love, but that’s mostly because it aligns with the memories of my first daughter being born. That said, it’s pretty much as accessible as he gets, so a great starting point anyway


Any of them, but Apocalypse or I wish I were an Eagle for his ‘solo’ stuff, or A River Ain’t Too Much love or Dongs of Sevotion for Smog stuff.


Knock Knock!


I second this!




I third this! One of the finest lps ever!


All on deezer now too. Is there any difference in available music on the main streaming sites?


Cheers for all the Callahan recommendations, away on holiday end of this week so gonna get a load of them lined up. Looks like there’s plenty to keep me going


Red apple falls is a good one to check out as well as the others recommended.


Looking forward to checking out The Doctor Came At Dawn. Always liked the title for some reason, and the artwork.

Only properly familiar with Knock Knock, Red Apple Falls and Julius Caesar.


My iPod died right about the time Spotify Premium came about, so it seemed like a no brainer to just get that instead of buying another one. I do miss my iPod though, would be really interested to see what I had on it right before it stopped working.