Drag City on Spotify?!?


Excellent album… All Your Woman Things is one of his best songs, and creepy as fuck!


I just moved to an SD card in my phone instead. Hasn’t been completely smooth sailing though, couldn’t get a 64GB one to work so had to stick to 32GB.


The Doctor Came At Dawn is a tough, tough listen. Get on “Prince Alone In The Studio” from Will Love


Have you ever read ‘Seven years of plenty’ by Ben Thompson? There’s a great section on early Smog in there. I seem to recall him talking about the doctor came at dawn quite a bit which sold it to me.


Really love it - find it quite underrated in the context of his back catalogue. Up there with Knock Knock in terms of mid period stuff


Listening to Papa M today. Great stuff all round


Some of this stuff is tricky to find. Like they haven’t combined old place holders with the newly added stuff. Found the Papa M stuff and PAJO.

This is such a fantastic album:


I didn’t realise he was recording under that name as well! Might give it a go here as this Dave Allen thing is balls


Drag City stuff has always been tricky to find - it feels somehow reassuring that this remains the case even as they become streamable.


Guys this is so great, I have always liked Bill Callahan/Smog but never given him the attention he deserves (only ever owned Dongs of Sevotion and Apocalypse). Absolutely rinsing all of these albums now!


on an Edith Frost sesh now


Can this be real? Drag City playing the piano on Spotify.

Whatever next? Download codes with the vinyl? (Yes please)


So is Joanna Newsoms music now on all streaming platforms apart from Spotify? It seems a bit childish to single them out if that’s the case, I already have a few of her albums on CD but would prefer to stream them just for the convenience.


I haven’t heard JN’s last album because it’s not on Spotify. I’ve stopped buying CDs now, in fact with the last house move I’ve not even plugged in my stereo. So yeah, she’s losing listeners and whatever small revenue that streaming would provide by not making her music available.


not quite sure why Spotify is singled out - do they pay less than Google/Apple etc? or is it just that it’s the most ubiquitous?


i’ve got no problem with artists keeping their music off streaming platforms if they want to, it’s very much their choice and i can understand the opposition to it (though i cringe if they start making the ‘you’re killing music/it’s as bad as killing elephants’ spiels) - i think streaming is an amazing tool but the idea of streaming libraries replacing, rather than supplementing, personal collections is something that saddens me a little bit.

at the same time though it’s the reason i’ve never really checked Joanna Newsom out properly. i know her stuff is on youtube but for some reason playing full albums on youtube always feels like more of a chore somehow.


yes yes yes

had a few of those albums on my laptop for years and years and for some reason only just getting around to listening rn

feel like this ks exactly the kind of thing I need atm, so I’m kind of glad I’m only just listening


btw everyone needs to get on the singles and EPs too

maybe my favourite Smog song


Heh, I think she can probably live without the £6.27 a week

I get that it must be frustrating not to listen to bands you like because of the way you choose to consume music - especially in 2018 where we’re geared towards that, and hell I’m the same - but it is a choice. Criticising, or questioning the fiscal strategy, of artists resisting an industry shift that is horrendously ripping them off isn’t fair


I appreciate that, she can obviously do what she wants and whatever she feels is best for her. I just think it’s a shame that it limits who will listen to her music and it’s personally frustrating for me.

If an author refused to release their books as paperbacks or e-books because they thought they were being ripped off as compared to hardbacks, I think most consumers would be slightly irked.