Drag City on Spotify?!?


I for one would fully support any author who refused to release their books as e-books.


ye could just download her new album, probably only a fiver or sommat


What am I, Andy Samberg?


I’m pretty sure Spotify pays out the same as other platforms its just the labels are taking a bigger cut from them do to them being first. Apple/Tidal claiming to do it for the artists is more a way to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.


For me, the bands who miss out are the ones who I might fall in love with if I could stream them and then I’ll buy the coloured vinyl deluxe edition whatever.

Less of an issue for someone that I already know I love like J New, but I am going to spend a lot more money over the course of this year on bands I could easily stream to start with.


Again, this is your choice. I’d also like to point out Spotify isn’t the only place you can try an artists music before buying. The idea that you must listen to an entire LP multiple times before deciding to invest is symptomatic of exactly where the industry has gone wrong.

I’m happy that Drag City have added most of their catalogue in terms of ease of access but it’s a luxury we’re extremely fortunate to have. God, the bellyaching - questioning/blaming artists for being reticent about giving away their life’s work effectively for free - shows how spoiled we are.


Oh I quite agree with you and I’m not saying that Artists should put their music out ‘for free’ or that we have the right to complain if they don’t.

I’m just making the point that the income stream generated by Spotify isn’t necessarily limited to the measly money that Spotify themselves give you.

I think that if Joanna Newsom was just starting out as an artist she would probably find it much harder to attract a fanbase. Right now if she releases an LP a lot of people know that they love her and will rush to buy it but they’d be much less likely to take a punt on it as an unknown quantity.

You are right, there are lots of ways that people can listen to music before buying it, but if like me you listen to music whilst commuting away from wifi and the ability to download your ‘stream’ makes it accessible to you then it is so much easier to listen to it.

More music is released every week than I will ever be able to properly listen to. I have to use some filters in order to narrow it down. I actually have lots of these, but one is definitely “is it on Spotify”? If there are two interesting black metal releases and one I can listen to effortlessly wherever as it’s on spotify and one is only ‘on youtube’ (why is that better??) so I can’t listen to it at work or in the car then I know which of the two I’m going to check out that week.


I’ve always thought this is a great song title - so evocative!

I Break Horses on that single too. I think he’s done a few versions over the years, but what a song that is.


joanna newsom should put her music on spotify and contribute to a culture of devaluing music because i’m a lazy consumer. fucking hell, guys.


It’s definitely not perfect but before Spotify people were far more prone just to illegally download stuff which is arguably far more devaluing. I respect her right not to use them but I think the issue should be more with negotiating a fairer deal with her label than blaming the service issue. These days many unsigned artists who put their stuff on Spotify are able to get a far better payout (percentage wise) than most established artists which is clearly unfair.


A fairer share of her 0.0038p


when brand new artists take an anti-streaming stance i tend to think they’re being a bit naive as you’re unlikely to get off to a start these days without. previously established artists though are obviously in a position where they can better afford to give it a miss though.


tbf this is a step in the process from music buying to music streaming that is surprisingly left out of so many discussions. remember debating this a few times with people who seemed to have forgotten just how widespread it was - maybe it’s an age thing but i was of an age where almost everyone i knew downloaded albums for free and found the idea of still paying for them absurd. even music nerds into DiS-type bands would reel out the “well it’s actually fine because i go to gigs instead and sometimes buy a t-shirt, that’s where they really make money” (i would usually counter with “i do all three, it’s not really an either/or scenario”). streaming was obviously the only thing that was ever going to counter that, the price of a Spotify subscription is more than most people i know were paying for music a few years ago and i guess is a small but important step back into the idea of music having a price (even if it’s a tenner a month for basically EVERYTHING), though it’s a shame the difference to an artist is negligible.

i don’t blame artists who want to keep themselves off it though - there are other ways of checking them out even if they’re very mildly less convenient to us.


The most surprising thing to me there is that pioneers of online piracy Napster now pay out more per stream than the others.


i would assume these established artists got an advance (possibly HUGE) from the label… the payout from spotify would then be split with the label

The unsigned artist might make a few pennies more but that is all they will most probably have.


Seem to be adding Palace stuff by year each week. Days in the Wake and the Palace Songs EP are up now according to the Drag City instagram


The fucking best news in a long time…



ok guys, i’m prepared to admit when i was wrong. Divers is amazing.


Spotify pays way more than the last time I saw one of these. Or maybe the ‘minimum wage’ use makes things look different.

Interesting there’s no entry for Amazon Ulimited.


She’s put it on Bandcamp

Which is basically the best site as far as I can see. You can stream from there too if you buy it.