Drag City on Spotify?!?


People keep telling me the bandcamp app is good nowadays. You use it?


I have.

And to be fair… it’s decent? I think you can’t download via the app though. I guess the point is you’ve that right by buying it so they don’t make it part of the system. It does occasionally lose connection but my internet is always a git so it’s hard to know if it’s the app or just a phone drop out.

(Also possible the app works differently for those using a dark side phone where downloading a zip file, unzipping it and then playing the music from it can all be accomplished without a computer even being involved.)


Yeah i download and unzip tbh. Cba with this streaming malarky.


Yeah, I use it for previewing stuff while at home really.


was hoping that Bitchin Bajas/Bonnie Billy album would appear


even goose eggs has grown on me


I like the irony of you posting about an album not on Spotify in a topic about albums on Spotify


The problem I have with it is that it doesn’t support Chromecast, which is how I listen to music on Spotify through proper speakers. Might not seem like a major thing, but if you use Bluetooth you can’t really navigate away from the app streaming the audio (ie. if you open YouTube, the sound from the video will come out of the speakers as well)


What kind of monster watches YouTube while listening to music.

Also while the YT app only plays if it’s on the Bandcamp one I’m sure plays on my Bluetooth speaker while I’m on the web


Perhaps it’s all device dependent. It’s just that I’ve found that when I’m connected with Bluetooth, if I happen to accidentally scroll past something with audio on Facebook for example, the playback stops.




Ah right, this is true of all Bluetooth I think yeah - if you have audio on the videos it will play that and drop the current sound. I guess Chromecast sends differently.


the only track that rubs me the wrong way a bit is the cover/traditional song, just feels a bit lame compared to everything else


Aye I’ll never skip it but I think it’s the disparity after those first run of 3 ridiculously incredible songs. That opening hammond organ :grimacing:


@Icarus-Smicarus and other Ty Segall fans on here - did you see that his and White Fence’s collab album Hair is now streaming?


Ooooh lovely


Hang on, people don’t like Goose Eggs? It’s amazing!


Looks like they really are drip feeding stuff. Viva Last Blues now up.


One of Oldham’s absolute best that!


That and I See A Darkness are joint top for me I think