Drag Race UK

Such a good first episode. Don’t think either of the bottom two should have been there. Thought Tia was funny but both her looks were awful. The quality in general was so high though, can’t wait for the rest.

I wish they didn’t have to eliminate anyone in the first week :frowning: God I love RPDR UK, it’s so funny and if the fashions have become more polished and the lip syncs more vibrant then it’s easily better than the US version.

I cannot believe how absolutely beautiful Tayce is in and out of drag, Asttina too. Ellie Diamond, wow, her mug is gorgeous and I was really pleased the judges agreed!! Ginny’s hometown look was a great story and I liked how she stuck up for Asttina in Untucked. Awhora evidently going for a bitch edit :’)

Wondering how they filmed this. They’ve got the plastic dividers in the US one but not here, so assume they went in to a bundle. But then, there’s also guest judges, did they isolate beforehand?

My partner said some was filmed pre covid. So guess in a few eps time we’ll get the barriers and distancing

They started filming before lockdown and the season got interrupted midway through, then restarted in September I think. I get the impression that the stoppage will be built into the series as a plot point, whereas in Season 3 of the US version didn’t acknowledge a 3 week break in filming after two queens got in a physical fight (allegedly) :eyes:

That Norwich look fucking hell :rofl:


Just want 12 weeks of all 12 queens!

how the hell Sister Sister didnt have to lip sync is beyond me, or how Veronica Green was safe for that matter, big fan of both the Scottish queens though, naturally.

Didnt like how joe black always seemed to be ‘on’ when talking to camera, always obviously performing so seemed a bit fake. deffo too good to go in the first round though :confused:

enjoyable despite there not really being a maxi challenge as such

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I really enjoyed this, but I have no idea how Alan Turing didn’t land Tia in the bottom. Possibly because she’s quite funny in interviews & it would have been a shame to lose her early?

Perhaps controversially, I don’t think Joe Black is that big a loss. Plus she got absolutely destroyed in that lip sync. :sweat_smile:

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Keep thinking about the air-typing and laughing.

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there was a point in the lip sync where I thought it was 50-50… then she started doing the crouching thing… and I was all… is she forgetting the words :confused: whats gonna happen here… and … nothing happened. :laughing: and at that point she had to go


not sure who else they could’ve done as gay icons though… we were racking our brains and came up with bowie, boy george and freddie mercury. only left maybe george Michael - but these are all blokes! in terms of female gay icons I was struggling tbh and then thinking of POC is even tougher :confused:

Im a straight white bloke tbf so not for me to appoint the icons :laughing:

I can’t believe nobody did Elton John tbh. Especially given how much Ginny Lemon looks like him both in and out of drag.


oh shit yeah thats a good un


We’re really torn on Ginny in this house. My girlfriend think she’s just like Thorgy Thor who neither of us could stand but for some reason I think there’s something about her that works really well because she’s British and completely over the top, don’t even mind her trying to crowbar a catchphrase in. Just worry she’ll be read for the all-yellow costumes really early and then that’ll be all the judges care about.

I think it’s important to view the British queens only in the context of British drag, rather than to their US counterparts. Ginny’s an intentionally grotesque combination of things like 1970s end-of-the-pier variety, Su Pollard, 90s children’s TV: even hammering home a catchphrase to the point of it being nauseous is a callback to those things. It’s meant to be trippy and weird and anarchic, and it’s absolutely something that wouldn’t make any sense over there put fits in perfectly in terms of British drag lineage and queer history. I’m a big fan (she apparently has quite a few standout moments in this season, too).


Yes, I think that’s how I feel and the things that I recognise and love about her act – but put into words a lot better than I could :slight_smile:

surprised Joe Black was in the bottom two!