Drag Race UK

Great episode

Called the lip sync result before it started. Fair enough though Charity probably should have won. Lee and Faye from Steps turning up to be the choreographers and doing zero choreography made me lol


She won’t win but I love Kitty Scott Claws so much.


Got a good laugh out of that, extremely pointless stuff.

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Felt like they were rebalancing the numbers a bit tbh, but glad Scarlett didn’t go home. Certainly wasn’t a double save lipsync.

Choriza is so much more fun than the rest of them I can’t believe it. Think more of them are gonna need to step up if this is gonna compete with the last couple of series.


I would still die for Choriza May.

The bit about River’s mum was absolutely brutal :frowning: poor lamb. Wish Pick and Mix had got feedback, I’d love to have had them give Choriza, Vanity and River some positive critiques.

Don’t like Charity at all - extremely talented but bad vibes. Her girl group look was absolutely awful

Really really do not understand why the judges are so obsessed with Krystal or why they called her safe before Kitty… Bizarre choice. Her Americanised drag is not engaging for me, it’s not what DRUK is about.

Kitty’s excitement about Steps and Emma Bunton was really lovely and she was easily the star of her group




no winner and no loser this week then eh? ffs. got to say H and claire have aged well

I have such a visceral horrible response to Charity Kase’s looks. Appreciate she does something completely different to the others but I just don’t want to look at it.

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Thought this about Lee! Some magical anti-aging going on in that group :sparkles:

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And Emma Bunton too, what were they all on in the 90s?!

The River thing was just gutting. That’s my worst nightmare and he’s so young to have gone through that. Fucking covid. :cry:

Choriza and Kitty are absolutely precious and they need to be on every tv show going after this