Drag Race UK

not safe for work no GIF

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Whereas Pangina won twice in three challenges :sparkling_heart: :sleepy:

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Finally caught up, big old meh

Guest judges for season 4. Looking good (and Boy George).


When is this expected to be airing?

Don’t think its been officially announced but usually end of September / start of October.

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Am I the only one who didn’t recognise Mel B?

I didn’t recognise Joanna Lumley

Can’t believe it’s Alison Hammond’s first time doing it

Launching 22 September

Danny Beard is the only one I’m familiar with.


Starting tonight.

Quite nervy about this. S1 is good but flawed, S2 is fantastic, and S3 was drivel. So I don’t have high hopes.

I’m a bit surprised Victoria Scone isn’t back (unless it’s a surprise). Maybe after seeing what happened to Veronica Green, returning wasn’t appealing!

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This looks like a banging cast so I’m cautiously hopeful that it will feel more like a UK season than the half arsed, gimmicky S3 that was strung together from US challenge offcuts and Ru’s bizarre love for Krystal (whose complete lack of charisma is almost unique among Drag Race winners)


I don’t think so judging by her social media posts. There’s rumours of her being on Canada Vs The World.

oh i didn’t post in here at the time seemingly but Black Peppa’s promo look is one of (if not the best) promo lewks of all timeee

excited by this cast, hope they live up to the promise…

well I fancy dakota



Just seen the news about Cherry Valentine and in such shock. Just so profoundly sad - I was so happy to see a local queen on TV and their openness about sexuality, drag and gypsy culture was so important.

Completely devestated.

Awful news. Incredibly talented and could have gone so far on another season, I was always hoping she’d get another shot on All Stars. So young :frowning: