Drag Race UK


Grim stuff. Seems like the BBC will have to make a statement between now and the season starting, acknowledging the situation. I assume there will then be a Sherry Pie esque intro text to the episodes explaining that someone has been edited out?

Not sure I’d say this is a ‘cover up’ and it’s definitely not comparable to Saville like that poster says, but still, yeesh all round.

Not including her in meet the queens or any promo does suggest she’ll get the Sherry Pie edit, rather than being eased out with no mention of the allegations. And frantically editing or working out a statement would also explain why they haven’t confirmed a start date yet.



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Get in! Can’t come soon enough (I’ll have finished rewatching them by then). The details for the new season all sound very promising.

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Was too distracted by trying to spot the 11th queen to focus too much on that episode.

Is no one bothering with this, then? Actually shaping up to be a decent season.

I thought the first 2 eps were a bit meh but it stepped up with girl groups, as usual. I’m guessing the erased queen went between episodes 2 and 3 too? Which probably helps them keep in all interesting conversations.

Naomi’s design challenge outfit was an all timer in all the worst ways

Yeah she went at the start of ep 3 apparently, just before they were put into groups. I will miss the jarring editing.

im enjoying it. good bunch of queens. feels nice and british for the most part. judges seem to be having a right laugh too.

After seeing the posts above I’ve caught up on this season. First episode didn’t grab me but it’s actually been quite good since! Banksie has been my favourite. Very much into all the northern representation.

Re Cara Melle, my opinion of her plummeted when she had a go at Tomara. Yes Tomara handled that banter poorly and I’m sympathetic to Cara Melle only having started estrogen a few months before filming - but shouting at someone to say that they are thick is really unpleasant.

Anyone still watching?

Anyway, Kate Butch being sent home this week was the wrong decision I think. Even Dedelicious looked surprised about it. Generally really enjoying this season.


I thought that the season started poorly, got a lot better, and has then been steadily declining. Found the makeover episode quite tedious to sit through and it all felt very forced to me. Looks like the next episode could have some good drama though.

I think I’m finished with Drag Race - though Thailand S3 should be good :pray:

Aw I used to volunteer with Switchboard and Rodrigo and Peter were both total babes. Agree that it’s baffling that Dede is still there.


Actually enjoyed the final for once. They are usually tedious (please drop the “what would you say to little Rudiger” bit though, I beg).

Best 2 were the final 2 and would have been happy with either winning.


Thailand is my favorite franchise. I feel the drag is more creative and it hasn’t been so Americanized. And Art is an amazing host. MUSIC!!


Dragula S5 ended up being quite disappointing - the worst season since the show’s first :sleepy:

Lots of issues, despite having one of the show’s best ever contestants on it. Starting to think Dragula peaked in S2/S3 when the contestants thought it would be for a very small audience.

I’m chasing the high of the best seasons of Dragula/Drag Race but I’m starting to think they won’t ever recapture that. A big part of it (and this came up in the season 5 reunion) is that contestants are so concerned with self-editing themselves, knowing everything they do will get taken apart online. Doesn’t encourage good telly.

How was Anna Phylactic? I’ve seen how far they got, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got completely swamped by the loud Americans.

I really enjoyed Canada’s Drag Race 4. A good, varied cast and any drama was fairly healthily resolved, rather than endlessly screaming the same thing at each other. Another fairly bad snatch game but the makeover episode was so, so wonderful.

Anna never really managed to make much of an impression unfortunately. Definitely crowded out by the louder voices (some of whom lasted much longer than they should have done, and didn’t have much to offer storywise other than being loud).

There were glimpses of Anna doing cool stuff, and I was rooting for them, but it wasn’t ever Big enough. Seems like a cool queen but by their end it’s hard not to question why the Boulet brothers chose them for this. Granted, Anna wasn’t the only one who flat-lined this season.

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UK v the World S2 premiered this week. La Grande Dame is so beautiful in and out of drag, I’m in love :hot_face:

not a great talent show. correct top 2, correct eliminee

who asked for Mayhem back :skull_and_crossbones: Jonbers/Gothy not really my cup of tea either tbh but pleased Tia is back. Kandy Zyanide from Thailand S2 was meant to be on but apparently she blabbed and got replaced, which I’m devastated by - she is one of my absolute faves :frowning:

LGD’s talent show - which was much more entertaining than it had any right to be - massively reminded me of the noises on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LSP7zFIWX0&ab_channel=mystikern

god i want Carmen Farala on an international all-winners season.

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