Drag Race UK

Not a great talent show but definitely an enjoyable episode!

Agree on most points. Loved Arantxa on DR Spain - kind of like the Spanish Tia. A hot mess but a lot of fun and good value in the talking heads sections. Looking amazing in her transition as well!

As if Carmen farala didn’t live in my head rent free anyway, I live in a town with a statue of Rocio Durcal in the square so am reminded daily of her winning lip sync!

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lol bye Jonbers. You are nowhere near as good as you think you are.


Tia Kofi is just the best


Michael face


God they really know how to pad out a final, eh.

Not entirely convinced Tia was the best in the first lip sync but that final battle chef’s kiss

A good season, would have been happy with any of the final 4 winning.