Dragon Fruit

Just had it for the first time. Nothing special is it?

Haven’t had one since I lived in Hong Kong.

might be a thinly veiled “I’ve lived abroad” post, idk

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Haven’t had one since I was in India

Went to a market and got everything that I’d not had

All shit


Was just looking at thai menu that had a main with dragon fruit in, so this is useful info, thanks

Had dragon fruit once before. It was OK. Not rushed to try it again.

Remember the one I had in Thailand being nicer than the one I bought from tesco. That was 16 years ago though so who knows?

Promises a lot, delivers little.

VERN: hey there Frederick, I’ve bought a whole crate full of dragon fruits

FREDERICK: why, vern?

VERN: no… dragon


Saw something the other day which arranged fruits into three tiers:

Primary fruits: Apples, Oranges, Bananas NO OTHERS
Secondary fruits: Pears, peaches, grapes etc
Tertiary fruits: Dragonfruit, star fruit, all that out there shit

Makes sense to me

had a (few?) dragon fruit sours, never the actual fruit itself

what a millennial eh

lacking any clarity on the berry front

I think most berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) would fall under secondary, some are defo tertiary (boysenberry, huckleberry). Etc.

Not sure where gooseberry falls.

These fruits with ideas above their stations - dragon fruit, star fruit. You’ve got to earn my respect, pals. Can’t just give yourself a flowery name and expect me to eat you.


The only exotic fruit not normally available in the UK that exceeded my expectations was the mangosteen.

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Yep they’re great.

I like these too

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under the gooseberry bush


This sounds like a spy code


think i’ve had it on a pizza. wasn’t fussed.

less monstrous than the name suggests