Dragon Fruit

You had a cherimoya? They’re good

I’ve tried a passionfruit before. There are a lot of big seeds in greenish-yellow goo, which you scoop out with a spoon. I wouldn’t be able to eat it straight, but it’s good in something like yogurt.

It’s a kiwi with inverse appearance/reward

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What’s the hardest thing about dragon fruit?

Getting it up hills.

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Just saw this in my instagram stories. Edit: now with spoiler tags.

Trypophobia vibes from that pic

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I wondered if I should spoiler it, lol

Looks like a load of rotting bees on a meringue

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Tastes great!

Good in drinks


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If they’re ripe enough then they’re quite sweet like that, but I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered that level of ripeness in UK passion fruits.

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Strawberry and raspberry are definitely Primary tier fruit.

Also: mandarins/satsumas/clementines are Primary tier.
Oranges are a fucking arsehole to eat and too variable to be anything but Secondary.

Just think of it as yellow jam with black seeds.

Love to have a nice refreshing glass of clementine juice

Do you drink pure banana juice? This isn’t about juice.

It’s about everything.

I can see an argument for strawberries being top tier, but no way the interchangeable mass of easy peelers can get that status.

I’m sorry, but no. Very no.

Ask people to list the three most important, iconic fruits. No one is saying satsuma. No one.

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Clementines/satsumas are surely too variable as well? God tier when they’re good, crushing disappointment when not.