Dragon's Dogma 2

@Marwood @Yesiamaduck @Exit_Chamber get in here, Arisens

I have already found peak “but the stats are better!” trousers:


is this game Dark Souls or is it Skyrim?


Opened this at work and just been sacked


Good, more time to play the game.


Skyrim with less shite combat

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Amazing :joy: I’ve held firm so far but this has definitely done a -1 on my resolve stat

Hired a new pawn this morning and she immediately ratted-out another player by telling me “I don’t know if it’s relevant but my previous master only hired female pawns”.

The pawns are brilliant. Had one tell me there was a chest nearby and then halfway to getting to it she stopped herself and said “oh, wait a minute, you have already found that haven’t you”.


Bloody religious Dragons!!!

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Matt Dragon

Just crotch-stabbing a Cyclops, as you do.


Never heard it called that before


I’m putting off some quests as it sounds like they involve stealth and wearing an outfit to get in somewhere. All I want to do is travel between towns, killing a bunch of lizards and the odd Cyclops (by my chosen method of a thousand stabs to its arse) along the way.

If it’s about the Queen then I didn’t need stealth for that but I know the prompt you mean that made me think the same.

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I’ll give them a go tonight I think.

Not sure whether to change to a warrior (from fighter) or to unlock more augments first.

It doesn’t take too long to max out a vocation (I have just done it with thief) so I need to decide which to change to next to start building that up.

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I’ve tried thief and archer. Much prefer thief, but I was mostly doing archer because the advanced vocation I saw from the previews looked cool.

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How’s performance been so far? I’m still holding strong, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a tab open on the cd keys DD2 page.

I am playing it on the PS5 and not getting any noticeable slowdown during some of the more hectic combat and haven’t had the game crash once. The most noticeable performance issue I am seeing is character pop-in when you dramatically change an area (such as accelerating the time of day for example). I have run into an invisible ox and cart on a few occasions that has magically appeared right on front of me.


It’s wank in cities, fine everywhere else. As in, 25-30 fps in cities, 55-90+ everywhere else for me. It seems to be heavily CPU limited, according to Capcom, because of all the NPC behaviour stuff. That’s with a 3060 Ti and Ryzen 5 5600X at 1080p with high settings for texture quality and stuff. The good news (:thinking:) is that the performance is just as polarised with ray tracing on or off, so do what you want with that.

All the fun combat stuff so far has been out of cities, so it’s not like half shite performance, half decent performance, more like 80% or more in the decent bit.

No crashes at all for me so far, in 9ish hours.

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The last hour of this for me has been finding my way around the city, speaking to different people and having to go back to the pub over and over to speak to the guy, usually having to have a sleep so he will turn up! Hope I can kill some monsters soon.