Dramatic events


A car smashed into the wall outside our flat this morning and smashed the fuck out of it. She also smashed the shit out of the cable box on the street meaning we’re without TV and internet. If it is not back in time for the derby tomorrow I’ll probably smash down another wall! (in anger, not by accident)

Any dramatic things happened near you lately?


Do you feel more alive?


No, I feel more sleepy (it happened at 0540)


Someone smashed into our cable box last year. I can’t remember how long it took to fix it. Was pretty quick IIRC.


This is the sort of thing I was hoping to hear!

(It’s proper fucked in fairness to it, the actual box bit is about three cars lengths away from where all the cables are)


I hope no one smashes your back doors in to even it up xxx


ah that’ll take months. sorry.




You’re a real piece of work, you know that?




Is she okay?


Fine, yeah.


That’s good. Hope your TV/internet woes are short-lived.


Many thanks SDD, my good friend (and colleague) has just offered me his house keys for tomorrow night so I can watch it round his if needs be. Thank goodness for friends (and colleagues) eh!


Saw someone really really deck it outside the bar opposite my bookshop. There’s some steps that stick out a bit there and this guy was staring at his phone walking by them. The swing of his stride basically made him kick the stairs hard, which must have hurt so bad, and then he simultaneously bent forward to see while bringing his foot up to look at it. But he was still moving and the momentum took him forwards, smashed his foot back down flat, and then he looked like he managed to twist his ankle while falling over, although at least managing to get his hand up so he didn’t land on his face. It was mad to watch and not even a funny pratfall, a proper ‘oh shit’ one.




It’s really bad when someone falls over so badly that it’s actually not funny because, as we all know, people falling over is one of the funniest things there is


Exactly. It’s the closest thing to pure comedy as that someone can get other than accidentally squeaky farting while bending over

But this fall was just kind of horror. Like you’d be worried something was badly broken. He got up again and he’d def done his ankle but I reckon it was just a bad sprain.


Can I have some clarification on this (undoubtedly kind) gesture please? Why is he offering you his keys rather than inviting you round? Isn’t he going to be there?


He will be at a different football match at the time