Drastic hairstyle changes

I am really fed up of my hair. It is very long, and always has been, other than two occasions were I briefly had a bob and hated it.

Seriously considering the idea of getting it cut short but terrified I won’t like that either and will have to wait a very long time to get back to where it is.

Also have very little idea what sort of short cut, if any, would suit me. Does anyone ever just go to a hairdresser and trust them to work something out? Kind of wish I could have a good discussion with one first to talk through ideas because I know very little about hair.

So… anyone gone for drastic hair changes? How did it work out? If you didn’t like it, how painful was it waiting for it growing out?

Anyone want to encourage or discourage me to make the big change? Any tips on how to go about it if I do?

Thank you all kindly. Can I ask for this to be lightly SSP because it is something I am having massive anxiety over, but it doesn’t have to be a totally serious thread.


TV went from longish to short a few years back - in an unrelated turn of events I proposed to her later that day. I don’t think she has any regrets on either decision.


You have quite similar hair to me (although I don’t know how thick it is?) - I tend to go for shoulder length with some layers, sometimes with a side fringe. Otherwise my hair can be a bit straight and lifeless.

If you’re worried you could search for images of different cuts, then go into the hairdressers and say ‘give me this please’.

Sometimes if they ask me how I want certain things done I just say ‘you’re the expert, I’ll trust you’ other times I’m more specific.

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I basically ask for something like this

I started 2019 with brown hair, down to my boobs

In summer I cut it to a long bob

Then I went blonde

Now it’s getting shorter and blonder and I LOVE IT. Everyone told me not to cause they’d say I’d hate it but honestly, it’s the best thing i’ve ever done to my hair. I’m obsessed.


currently i’m kind of in the opposite boat in that i usually have shortish hair but it’s currently quite long. main reasons it’s like this is:

a) i quite like having longer hair
b) i want to get it cut but don’t know what to, so have done nothing about it
c) i hate getting my hair cut as i have to take my glasses off, can’t see anything without them and the not knowing what’s going on makes me super anxious, even though it’s usually fine once i pop my glasses back on (although i’ve had some shockers)

probably need to just find a picture of someone with decent mid length hair that i like and say “can i have that please?”. but then sometimes i quite like it as it is, but it probably needs a tidy up rather than being a bit of a grown out mess.


I have this problem too. Generally one of the most anxiety provoking things for me, along with the painful small talk and horribly loud music.


I’m not really sure what to start searching on for this as I don’t really know what most cuts are called. Guess I could just search for ‘short hair cuts’ and hope I get some names of things thst look alright.

I think your hair suits you.

I’ve had lots of different hair styles recently but its easier for a guy. Might get it all chopped off again soon.


To find that picture I literally typed in brown hair side fringe layers.

You could start with things like
brown hair haircuts
Short brown hair
Shoulder length layers

Etc etc until you find something you like. Remember that hair grows back, and if you don’t like it you can just tie it back anyway.

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I’m a little worried about managing/maintaining a really short cut. Obviously it has the absolutely massive advantage of a quick wash and dry which would be great, but… current long hair I sleep with it in a braid, wake up and re-braid it and it is done for the day, worried a shorter length might take more to get it to behave or I might have to use something in it to hold it on place. Or I’ll get bad hat hair in hat season or if I have been cycling.

What I am considering would be a bit short to tie back for quite a while :grimacing:

What is your hair like naturally?

That’s the only issue with my shorter hair is that I like it a lot more when I do it (curled with GHDs) and I like it the next day after I’ve slept on it but then if I just let it dry or dry it with my hair dryer, I really don’t like it.
I am back cycling again in a few weeks and havne’t really done so since I had short hair so I’m interested to see what my helmet hair will be like (awful I’m sure)

My hair is too short to tie back btw

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Have chopped mine off/dyed it drastically when i wanted change but not a cut. Have you considered that? Colour can make a huge change but is reversible at least

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I’m just getting a bit annoyed with it though, even if I get it trimmed I think it will still really piss me off.

Definitely easier when you already have shorter hair to change it, I guess it might be weeks, a couple of months to get it grown out? Reckon it’d take at least a couple of years to grow back to my current length if I got it all chopped off.

i would really like to have a rockabilly type quiff but i work in data entry


I am quite happy with the colour. Mostly getting annoyed with how much time/effort/water/electricity it takes to wash and dry it with it being long. Just lazy I guess.

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Um… hairy? I’ll take it down and get a picture. Terrible at describing.

I mean like does it naturally dry straight or curly?
Mine is just frizzy with some kinks in so it’s hard to manage!

Straight entirely how it is with the length. When I had it as a bob I was forever getting annoying kinks. I don’t know if even shorter would avoid the kinks by there not being enough there to really kink?