Drawer audit (draudit)

A place to tell me about drawers in your house.

I’ll tell you about my kitchen drawers because they are ridiculous,

Cutlery drawer is deep but incredibly narrow so no cutlery trays fit into it. Got some shit divider things from Ikea that supposedly address this but they don’t really cut it as they keep moving and the cutlery slides under the edges of the walls.

Bearing in mind this very deep drawer the other two drawers are incredibly shallow. One is below the oven and literally fits a flat baking tray in, the other is below the microwave and fits in wooden spoons but nothing deeper than that (a fork wouldn’t fit for example).

What are your drawer beeves?

That they’re all full of stuff that my missus has put in them and I’ve got no idea what anything is and can never find anything


quite happy with the kitchen drawer sitch:

top drawer: cutlery
second drawer: miscellaneous utensils, foil, greaseproof paper
third drawer: tea towels and napkins and sandwich bags
bottom drawer: tupperware / plastic boxes

I like my foil section as it’s a slidey wire rack built into a cupboard so kind of a drawer but not officially.

Top draw is always the one for cutlery isn’t it?
Second draw: batteries, lightbulbs, pens, small screwdrivers, tape measure, torch…
Bottom draw: baking stuff that I never use

I have another draw on the opposite site of the kitchen under the hob which has placemats and dish clothes in.

I feel like a picture is necessary here Scout.

Our place originally came with four very narrow drawers. It was a ludicrously unsuitable amount of drawer space, so we added lots more from IKEA. May take some pictures this evening if I remember.

My neighbour has her cutlery in the second drawer down. Total insanity.


We don’t have any drawers, just loads of cupboards :cry:

Same with me, tinned goods on the bottom wire rack and foil/cling film on the top.


My new house doesn’t have a single drawer in the kitchen.

Instead there is a IKEA trolley and the top of that houses the cutlery in little dividers.

Too narrow
Too shallow
Too shallow
Unofficial wire drawer for foil

Also, I don’t have ANY other drawers in the flat.

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Posted in totally the wrong order

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I have old baby bottles and bits of plastic crap in the bottom one as it’s the cupboard I let Jnr play with when I’m cooking but hope to upgrade to tinned goods in there in the future

Same here pal. There’s not a single drawer in the house. Ridiculous.

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That cutlery drawer would do my head in. Well done for coping with it!

Where do you keep your cutlery chief? Got ours stacked upright in a utensil jar.

got a drawer crammed full of plastic bags, it’s so full of bags i can’t get any more in and it’s difficult to get any out

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Like our loo seats, we have soft close drawers and cupboards in our kitchen, and they are excellent.

Got a cutlery tray just sitting out in there in the open. It’s quite unsightly.

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