Drawer audit (draudit)

Bold m9, very bold.

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This is a phrase I honestly didn’t expect to see starting a post in the Drawer audit thread.

Very sore subject I’m afraid insofar as I literally only have one kitchen drawer at the minute which is totally unacceptable.

It has a cutlery divider bit and other stuff crammed around it. I’ll get you a pic later.

I also have a chest of drawers in the bedroom as my sole clothes storage option, I use the top two smaller drawers for pants and socks, the second drawer down for t-shirts and sportswear, the third drawer down for jumpers and shirts, the fourth drawer down for jeans and shorts and the bottom drawer is used to keep clutter, memory box, cables etc. I can also provide pics later if they are required.

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The way I’ve typed it is a bit ambiguous too. You could read it like our loo seats also have a set of kitchen drawers and cupboards, which they don’t.

I could have been clearer.

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Apology accepted.

That cutlery drawer is so sad. Why don’t you get some pots and put them in the drawer? There’s so much unused z-axis it’s a shame :frowning: Disregard this if the drawer is not deep enough to stand the cutlery.

I quite liked the ambiguity.

I was forced to do this for a while - for reasons too dull to go into. What was worse was when the issue was sorted and I could put the cutlery in the top drawer I kept opening the 2nd one down out of habit

one for memoirs I think!


We’ve got a ridiculous number of draws in our new kitchen. I especially like the two pan draws under the hob, with the top one having a hidden pull out cutlery draw.

I might post some photos when I get home, if anyone is remotely interested?

I could not cope with that, the thought of the possibilty of knives interlocking with forks is like nails down a blackboard to me - I am a firm believer in cutlery segregation!

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This is an excellent use of my working day

5x drawers in my kitchen



Bigish one with herbs and shit

Biggest one

Under the cooker

Huge fan of under the cooker drawers, and this is an excellent example.


bit embarrassed about the state of my tea towels


It’s not deep enough for standing cutlery on its end if that’s what you mean.

how are you meant to tell which herbs are which without picking them up?!?


That wire thing is shit mate. Would you believe we only have one drawer in the kitchen (cutlery obvs). Many drawers elsewhere tho.

it’s not ideal - but most of them have writing on the lid

Here you go mate, here is my solitary kitchen drawer and the other drawers of the flat:

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This is the cutlery drawer.

Which is hidden in one of the pan draws.

There’s a bin/recycling draw

More pan sized draws

Small draws for paperwork, tools etc

Then theres a couple of corner draws for tins and stuff

In the lounge and bedrooms weve got those ikea units with the boxes, which work pretty well.