Dream analysis thread

Good to see Aberfan getting the recognition it deserves, even if he’s a few months late for the anniversary

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I had an absolutely horrifying one the other week involving Mariah Carey having two gigantic, shiny, plastic-looking dicks coming out the bottom of a short red dress not dissimilar to the Alaia dress Cher Horowitz wears to that party in Clueless. These dicks were HUGE. like, inflatable snowman sized, and very girthy. There was loads of dead skin on the helmets which she kept peeling off with bits of precum on them and I was helping. She kept smiling the whole time while she was peeling.

This was all occuring in the upstairs of a country pub at 8.30pm during a pub quiz with my ex bf (who had just been really half heartedly making out with me and not seemed very interested) watching across the pub with his family and looking really grossed out.

I’ve literally never been so disgusted by a dream. What does it all mean?

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Had one last night when I was seeing the band apatt in a weird venue and a hen party came through and I had to tell them to be quiet, which they respected and just sat down and watched the show. I’m sure more happened

Had a good one last week . Was going through an internal job change like I did irl last year. Turned up to the interview and was surpised to see lots of other people there. Turned out I was actually to be interviewed the day afterwards which I was relieved about. Then it was suddenly the next day and I went in to the interview and it was to join some supernatural cult, and I was supposed to know all this witchcraft that I didn’t know.

had a really vivid one

it was third-person dream? you ever have those?

the person in the dream stole a naval ship, sailed it impossibly up some suburban river, like the Mersey through SW Greater Manchester but vividly re-imagined, and hidden it away, again in a way that is impossible in reality

developed so that the person turned out to be some almost Gatsby-esque melancholy reluctant upper-middle class pretender and he’d taken control of the whole Navy

and he’d just hidden them in the kind of hilly, tree-shadowed meadow country you only see in computer games or imagine in fantasy books, at the kind of impossible remove from discovery you could only have in such places of dream, all the personnel stationed within this rolling, misty and imaginary stately country expanse

then when the authorities began to catch wind of what had happened, and the inevitability of discovery faintly encroached upon this place of dream remove, he managed to be secreted away by some wealthy but benevolent family, overlooking the river and a nearby reservoir through yet more trees, somehow beyond discovery

Last night I dreamed that I went on tour with Open Mike Eagle. We got on really well and had a really nice time.

More dreams like this pls.

Dreamt a friend of mine was in the news for being a National Crisp Eating Champion. I told him today and he was thrilled.

I had a dream last night where someone stole one of my camera lenses, and my dream and memory of it is really specific about which one. It was probably the cheapest lenses I own, really easy to get hold of and not even autofocus.

I think it’s possibly my subconscious telling me not to get so wound up by inconsequential stuff. Or getting as wound up by inconsequential stuff as I do in real life

Had a dream the other week that was like an American indie movie version of Dumb and Dumber. Two wacky brothers on the run, trying to protect their baby sister. Some scary MAGA-type in a big lorry was trying to hunt them down. They tried evading him by driving down the road backwards like Tenet. Was gutted when I woke up as I wanted to see what happened next

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