Dream scenarios made real


I think the Rani/Solomon meeting is ON!!!

Who’s that?




It’ll happen one day…

TBH I thought it was “East Fife 5, so far, Forfar 4” (Morecambe & Wise? Two Ronnies?) rather than East Fife 4 Forfar 5 but no fitbah chat.

Doesn’t even rhyme

I prefer East Fife 4, Forfar 5 personally but that might just be my aesthetic sensibility at play.

Objectively better. You are right

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People should be posting other “dream scenarios made real” in this thread btw if the OP wasn’t clear

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you mean dreams that have come true?

not sure it’s ever happened to me. my dreams are pretty “out there”.

No stuff like “they said it could never happen but now it has!” like AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania or like Anita Rani going on Loose Women with Stacey Solomon or whatever.


so it happens and THEN you dream it? where does the dream bit come in?

Before it happens. It doesn’t have to literally be a dream that someone has had whilst being asleep. It’s a figure of speech.

I don’t think this really counts

I’m completely lost now.

What are you actually asking for? It’s not really clear.

I dreamed of the goal that would give me the most enjoyment and realised it would be a 94th minute Darren bent equaliser at old Trafford against David moyes’ man United after they attempted almost 100 crosses playing against 2 massive centre halves

And then that’s exactly what happened

So basically, sometimes people think of hypothetical things that would be “a dream” but not a literal dream just a figure of speech for something unlikely that they would really like to happen. Occasionally those things actually become a reality, that’s what this thread is about.