Dream setlists

Make up a dream setlist for an artist of your choosing.

17 songs, followed by a 3 song encore.

The Fall

  1. Blindness
  2. Prole Art Threat
  3. Kicker Conspiracy
  4. Jawbone & The Air Rifle
  5. Bournemouth Runner
  6. Pay Your Rates
  7. Rowche Rumble
  8. Cab It Up
  9. I Am Damo Suzuki
  10. Totally Wired
  11. New Big Prinz
  12. Container Drivers
  13. The Man Whose Head Expanded
  14. Theme From Sparta F.C.
  15. No Bulbs
  16. The Classical

  1. O.F.Y.C. Showcase
  2. How I Wrote Elastic Man
  3. Bremen Nacht Alternative
  1. Things can only get better
  2. Encore (things can only get better)

Lovely set but can’t believe you’ve left out Garden


Ah fuck, you’re right… I haven’t actually included anything from Perverted by Language, shockingly.

Kicker and Head Expanded are close enough


  1. Thong Song

leaves show



  1. Inside
  2. Inside (reprise)


  1. Inside

Big New Prinz is fantastic, glad it made the dream setlist.


God, Brix is so so cool.

Proper goosebumps from that sound.


Take Good Care Of It
If I Were With Her Now
Hey Jane
You Lie You Cheat (segue into)
Shine A Light (segue into)
Electric Mainline
Angel Sigh (segue into)
Feel So Sad
Stay With Me
The Slide Song
Let It Flow
Lay Back In The Sun
Feelin’ Just Fine (Head Full Of Shit)
Don’t Just Do Something
Won’t Get To Heaven (The State I’m In)
Take Your Time

Take Me To The Other Side
Lord Can You Hear Me?

All underpinned by the Pure Phase drone

Setlist FM style album count:

Pure Phase - 6
Lazer Guided Melodies - 5
Let It Come Down - 3
Spacemen 3 covers (not subsequently re-recorded by the band) - 2
Ladies & Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space - 1
Songs In A&E - 1
Sweet Heart Sweet Light - 1
Singles - 1


Erm, I’ll take The Beatles because everyone else will be too cool. Just tried to imagine I could actually see them live…

1: Come Together
2: Dear Prudence
3: Taxman
4: I Feel Fine
5: Day Tripper
6: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
7: Rain
8: Ticket To Ride
9: Helter Skelter
10: I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
11: Here Comes The Sun
12: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
13: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
14: Got To Get You Into My Life
15: Norwegian Wood
16: I Am The Walrus
17: A Day In The Life
18: She’s Leaving Home
19: Strawberry Fields Forever
20: Tomorrow Never Knows


Perfect ending this ^ - glad to see No Bulbs in there too. Used to regularly stick on both of these when I worked behind a bar. Great picks in general though tbh :slightly_smiling_face:

I know it’s a bit more low key but a personal dream Fall set would also include this:

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More Rubber Soul!

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More everything! It’s basically ludicrous how many ways you could do this.


It hangs well together though, quite enjoying listening to it as a playlist.

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yo la tengo, obviously

Set I:

  1. Big Day Coming (quiet version)
  2. Decora
  3. Our Way to Fall
  4. Little Eyes
  5. False Alarm
  6. Green Arrow
  7. Nuclear War
  8. The Whole of the Law
  9. Big Day Coming (loud version)

Set II:

  1. Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
  2. My Heart’s Reflection
  3. Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
  4. Superstar-Watcher
  5. Nowhere Near
  6. Shaker
  7. I Heard You Looking
  8. The Story of Yo La Tango


  1. Blue Line Swinger
  2. Deeper Into Movies
  3. Night Falls on Hoboken

more Painful heavy than I expected. probably about a 4 hour run time.


Should swap Blindness and The Classical I think. The Classical is a perfect opener and Blindness an end of set song.


Cor, what a run.

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Yeah, I did debate this actually. Blindness has such a great building bass that I love it as a opener.