Dream setlists


Waiting room
Caustic acrostic
Bed for the scraping
Long division
Full disclosure
Forensic scene
Give me the cure
Margin walker
Rend it
Shut the door
Epic problem
Im so tired
By you

No encore

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Spans most of their career, but some albums miss out

Iron Maiden

Caught Somewhere In Time
Where Eagles Dare
The Wickerman
Wasted Years
Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Sign Of The Cross
Ghost Of The Navigator
The Red And The Black
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
Moonchild (a wee SSOASS suite here, I think)
Infinite Dreams
Can I Play With Madness
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
The Clansman
The Number Of The Beast
Fear Of The Dark

If Eternity Should Fail
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Phantom Of The Opera


Sleater-Kinney (w/ Janet on drums)

The Fox
One Beat
What’s Mine is Yours
Bury Our Friends
All Hands on the Bad One
Get Up
Burn, Don’t Freeze
One More Hour
Dig Me Out
I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
Banned From the End of the World
Words and Guitar
A New Wave
You’re No Rock and Roll Fun
Let’s Call It Love
Modern Girl

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Sign Of The Cross is a quality Maiden track from an era mostly ignored now.

My favourite Maiden track is To Tame A Land, love the guitars on that.


That little jabbing bass around 4:30 in, it’s like a duel.

I genuinely love the BB era. It’s not classic Maiden, it’s an entirely different beast (ha!) His low, foreboding vocals combined with the darkest, slowest, most morose music the band ever wrote makes for such an intriguing listen. Bruce is amazing in those songs live, too

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Yup, the first Wolfsbane album is really fun, bought it on release because I was into Rick Rubin production but it’s a great album also. I went through a phase about 12 years ago where I would listen to the Maiden albums up to X Factor on the train back from work. Some good stuff there.

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Never listened to Wolfsbane at home but went to a concert a few years ago and it was great fun. The X Factor is a brilliant album, albeit quite hard to listen all the way through to unless I’m in a specific mood; Virtual XI is really spotty but the good tracks are class.

Ah shite, I completely ignored The Final Frontier in my setlist. “Satellite 15… The Final Frontier” and “Isle Of Avalon” are definite contenders, but I dunno what I’d jettison to make way for them…

It’s good cartoon Metal (Wolfsbane), only heard the debut album though. I’ve not heard any Maiden albums beyond A Matter Of Life & Death and X Factor is a different kind of album to their usual output. The guitars and vocals on Sign Of The Cross, completely different to standard Maiden.

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The Final Frontier is great and well worth visiting, but honestly, The Book Of Souls is one of the greatest things they’ve ever done. I was utterly astonished when I played it for the first time - five years later I still think it stands alongside their 80s masterpieces. Genuinely incredible album.

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Just had a quick read on wiki, ok, will check that out tomorrow, lots of lengthy tracks also, Thanks. Give Wayne’s Iron Maiden podcast a listen if you get chance, deadpan Office comedy, has me in stitches on occasion.

Is it good? I’ve been pondering listening to it but have been slightly worried they’ll take the piss too much. Irreverence is fine, of course, but I don’t wanna listen to someone dissing the Irons :wink:

It’s from a fan perspective I feel but it could be taken as a piss take. Listen to the 1st episode maybe when you get chance, it’s not a long show.

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I’ll do so. Fan perspective plus a bit of piss taking sounds like the perfect combo, TBH :slight_smile:

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Enjoy. Hopping to dice throwing now.

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  1. Cupid Come
  2. (When you wake) you’re still in a dream
  3. You never should
  4. Honey Power
  5. Moon Song
  6. She found now
  7. Who sees you

Loveless in full

  1. Only Shallow
  2. Loomer
  3. Touched
  4. To Here knows whe
  5. When you sleep
  6. I only said
  7. Come in Alone
  8. Sometimes
  9. Blown a wish
  10. What you want
  11. Soon
    You made me realise with me catching a march on the exit queues during the 10 minute white noise section (afraid to admit I am not a fan of this particular endurance test)

Frightened Rabbit

  1. Things
  2. I Feel Better
  3. The Greys
  4. Nothing Like You
  5. Holy
  6. Get Out
  7. Music Now
  8. Fast Blood
  9. Be Less Rude
  10. Swim Until You Can’t See Land
  11. Dead Now
  12. Hate Music (Owl John song)
  13. Wedding Gloves (with Aidan Moffat)
  14. Die Like A Rich Boy
  15. Good Arms vs Bad Arms
  16. The Woodpile
  17. Square 9

  1. Yes I Would
  2. Scottish Winds
  3. Keep Yourself Warm