Dreams about DiSers (rolling)


This happens and sometimes it’s weird and sometimes not so much.

I had a dream last night in which I bumped into none other than @profk while I was trying to find somewhere on a uni campus that was somehow both my old uni campus and his old uni campus at the same time. HMMM, INTERESTING.

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We selfieing?
Boring dreams about dissers (rolling)
Boring dreams about dissers (rolling)

Had some I’m sure, can’t remember any though, except for pn turning up at my flat an insisting on doing the dishes with a dish-cloth or something.




I already mentioned my dream about wrapping @Epimer 's whatchamacallit in cooked cavolo nero.


I think we had a good hug and then you pointed me in the right direction as I was apparently in quite a hurry


oh my


Your time will come japes, just you wait.


I’ve recently dreamt about:

  • @aggpass - who was an exceptional fielder in cricket
  • @plasticniki - who was helpful with her directions.


had a dream a while back that @Matt_was_taken taken was telling me how annoyed he was that a really good looking swedish girl was pursuing him


classic mwt


Don’t really remember dreams, just have the basic ones about covering Epimer’s whatchamacallit with pasta probably.
Edit: I clearly know what cavolo nero is


i have absolutely dreamt about several dissers


I dreamt that one of you challenged me on my use of the word “unemployable”.


Last night I had a dream there was some kind of Dis meetup but the world was flooded and we were canoeing about the place. @twenty-nine was a significant character in some way, idk


Not a dream but I do sometimes daydream at how cool it would be to have a giant DiS meet somewhere amazing. Like in a castle. Mass flooding and canoes would add that extra something though!


there was the cruise idea, I liked that


Haha!!! Yeah that combines it all in a more sensible way too!


@_Em came up in my dream last night. I must have read DiS while I was in bed. Didn’t appear in person, was just referred to in the middle of a conversation (in a swimming pool). Strange cos I’ve not really interacted with her, maybe it’s a sign I should. HELLO EM! :raising_hand:


@TheWza periodically tries to get us all to collectively buy an island or a castle or a castle island and live in a commune


Any banjos? You do have a perty mouth. :pig2: