Dreams Thread


Any good dreams lately? Are you much of a dreamer? Just dropped off briefly and had this absolute headfuck:

I was eating an apple, but people live on apples so when you eat them you have to be careful not to destroy their communities and keep links between people. But this time I accidentally isolated a really old couple, so they became really weird and radicalised…and flew out to Syria to join ISIS.


Dreams are for people who are sleeping


I dreamt last night that I was in some gang with old school friends and we were stockpiling guns and weapons. There was a party at our house and people from my gang were threatening people with guns and then the police were called and I quickly ran up to the loft and was wiping all the guns down to remove my fingerprints.
I think it’s because of that bloody gun safe in my attic.


good dream!

I just woke up from this dream five minutes ago:

I had to look after my nieces as my bro was going on holiday somewhere abroad but also I had to change my phone to Russian but apparently there’s some kind of card system where they send you a card with every phone with three codes on it you have to input to change language but once you’ve done it three times you’re screwed. Anyway I’d lost the card!

Then we ended up watching this old black and white animated cartoon about a kid and his brother (who turned out to be imaginary) who wanted to break the fastest man-powered flight machine speed record out of old bits and pieces was quite cute.

There was a song in it that I’ve got one phrase from stuck in my head now that went like

:musical_note: I’m just an oooold country crow :musical_note:

was like a jaunty melody and that’s the only line I remember.



Bam that whole dream is madness.


yeah true enough, the animated film was surprisingly detailed! It was like a hand-drawn kind of style and I remember the kid had made a flying machine out of what looked like just the end piece of the golden gate bridge but smaller (not sure if they were meant to be miniature people).

To be specific the song was in a kind of dolly parton voice but higher pitched and the melody was as follows if you want to sing along (each word on a different note):


Get that song recorded!


I thought about doing a vocaroo of me singing the line but that’s too mad even for me!


Ahh, you see I was imagining the pitch to actually go up at the end, plus the voice more haggard. But it’s your dream!

Are they usually this detailed?


Please do this


sometimes, but it’s mostly if I happen to wake up immediately afterwards and you have kinda focused my thoughts on it.


Thunder only haaaappens when it’s raiiiining


MacCartney always tells the story of how Yesterday came to him pretty much fully-formed in a dream. This could be your big break Bammers!


how often do you all get the teeth falling out dream


“This song song is pretty much fully-formed but I might consider changing Scrambled Eggs to something else.”


Well, that’ll be GCHQ monitoring this thread then. Welcome to the boards guys :wave:


The other week I had a dream that I was a bookseller in a branch of Waterstones. A new Peppa Pig book was released that day so we had about a billion copies of it all over the place. Then a lady came in to buy a copy, asked me where they were and they’d all vanished from the shop.

Then I woke up.