Dreams you've had recently


Last night I dreamt that the vision you have in each eye was a representation of a different reality and the world is actually divided into the left reality and the right reality (it’s just really really hard to tell the difference and our brain does a lot of work to reconcile them but sometimes something will happen that only affects one and in this case, I had been in an accident that meant only one of my faces was injured so when I looked in the mirror I had two noses).


not really the same, but it reminded me of this


i cant fucking stand that guy’s voice. can’t watch any of CGP grey videos because of it.


really? I find it kind of soothing


the usual - plane crash nightmares where I’m either the pilot, flying impossibly close to towers, tree-lines etc., and getting everyone killed, or a passenger that somehow survives the crash.


family members or close friends becoming different people resulting in me being really confused and upset at it all.

A therapist would have a fucking field day.


also dreamt that I could play the oboe, that me and my friends had taken power and had to defend the revolution and rally up supporters etc.


I had a weird one where I was in a flat share situation, and we found out we had a new housemate. The landlord told us “don’t freak out too much about it, but he’s a prominent figure in the alt-right”.

The weirdest bit of the dream was that this new housemate was an amiable and decent enough person to all us housemates, so long as he wasn’t being a total alt-right prick. Had to invite him out with pals (this was also weird as eagle eyed readers will know that I am despised by all☆) and be all like “I know he’s a prominent member of the alt-right, but give him a chance cause he’s part of the house and everything”.

It was such a weird dream because basically fuck all happened. He didn’t even get punched or anything.

☆ wry self-deprecation here, one of the reasons why I am loved by all and sundry☆☆

☆☆ hubris here, one of the reasons I am despised by all☆


actually cant even read the replies so boring haha


darwinbabe, i find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad
the dreams in which i’m dying are the best i’ve ever had

other than that i had a dream about doing some tax returns last week. was quite shit.


I dreamt last night I posted a photo of myself on DiS and in that photo I had the most majestic leg hair. It was long and golden and oh how it glistened in the moonlight.


Well there was this

I have a lot of really absurd dreams. But obviously a lot of really boring ones as well.

Anyone seen that Pulp documentary, where Jarvis talks about dreaming completely mundane stuff like changing a tyre? Really funny. I think about that when I’ve wasted a good sleep just dreaming about being at work or something like that.

Edit: I’m on my phone and didn’t manage to link to the right post in that thread, sorry


Keep getting that feeling I’ve dreamt fleeting moments of my life. Really disturbing and annoying.


that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character


Just had a dream that I was eating a toasted chicken and avocado sandwich. I think it was white bread. That was it.


That mundanity reminds me of when I was working at the Royal Mail packet sorting place one Christmas, basically just sorting post (primarily Amazon boxes) by postcode from 2 in the afternoon till 10 at night (sometimes a bit longer). My routine from then would be get home, eat dinner, then go to bed and dream about the postcode bins (before waking up, and usually playing Mass Effect 3 with increasingly demented commentary to myself all morning before going to work again).

One thing I’d do often was I’d wake up, then turn over in bed because I thought that the postcode I needed to sort a particular package into was on the other side of the pillow.

I considered asking if I could get overtime pay.


Oh god! I just remembered the one I had last night!

The basic premise was that I found out that the Taekwondo club I’ve gone to for over a decade was also a record label (and that this had been common knowledge to everyone but me for a long while). Basically I pitched an album I’m working on to them and they did some kind of a profit projection on it. Then I panicked because they said they wanted the album finished by the end of the month.




Last night I dreamt I won £1m
Devastated when I woke up


Back when I was younger and worked in Safeway I would get lucid dreams when I was ill where I scanned stuff for what felt like hours.


Obviously not going to read any of these, but the idea that dreams are more boring than Listening to people’s daily life living drivel? Nah, they’re more interesting than a daily thread for sure