Dress codes in restaurants

Following on from Prickwatch 2018, how do we feel about dress codes in restaurants?

  • It’s fun to dress up
  • Outmoded Tory shit

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No shirts, no shoes, no problem

I’d be an even bigger such a prick if I was ever a maître d’

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friend of mine once put black socks over trainers to try and meet dress code requirements


An infallible plan


Anywhere that doesn’t allow you to wear trainers will be full of pricks

IE most work places


The “jacket for gentlemen” requirement is a right pain in the bum when you’re on holiday. Not lugging a suit across multiple continents just to go out for dinner, obviously.


That’s an unusual dress code requirement.


Always perplexes me that those place have a selection of jackets you can borrow in order to meet the dress code.

I mean…what…

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I don’t mind it, think Burka King have took it a bit far but who am I to judge


Hehe. Gets a bit hot in MacDonald’s too.

I don’t mind. The Ritz demands you wear a jacket and tie. Bit much when their afternoon tea is average

It’s really embarrassing how restaurants keep (or kept? Is this still a thing) dinner jackets to give to people who turn up without them. As if the restaurant really need to keep a stock of jackets for customers and as if a customer want to have a restaurant insist on dressing them. Snobs going out of their way to be snobs.

Was on holiday in puerto vallarta on some resort thingy. It was fucking boiling, and every restaurant insisted on long trousers and jacket. FFFFFSSSSSSSS

Dress codes anywhere are tory af and can do one.


Always used to hear stories about people getting into nightclubs by doing this. Never actually saw it happen though. Wouldn’t it just look like you are wearing slippers?

never been to or even been aware of a restaurant that had one

once ended up going to a NYE party where they insisted on people dressing smart! which is even worse. I just wore a shirt and tie with black jeans and everyone agreed i looked great but that’s beside the point


I work from home for a scruffy industry, so going out for dinner is pretty much the only time I can get a bit dressed up. Not in favour of enforced dress codes though. Behaviour codes would be better:

  • No laughing
  • No talking
  • No flirting
  • Pay and leave as soon as you’ve swallowed your last mouthful of food


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If someone wasn’t looking I guess maybe they wouldn’t stand out, didn’t work for my friend though

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