Dress codes

They’re total wank aren’t they?

When was the last time you went somewhere with a dress code (not talking weddings or funerals or your work or stuff like that here)?

I got an invitation to a meeting yesterday but if you wanna go, you must adhere to the DRESS CODE. Here’s an excerpt:

The dress code allows for more formal attire during the week and less formal attire at the

vi. Weekdays are considered 11:00am Monday through to 5:00pm Friday. Weekends
are considered 5:00pm Friday through to 11:00am Monday.

vii. On weekdays, the dress code identifies three levels of formality which apply in
different areas of the clubhouse as shown in Map 1 below.

viii. At the weekend, the dress code identifies three levels of formality which apply in
different areas of the clubhouse as shown in Map 2 below.

ix. Definitions of each level of formality – smart, smart casual, and casual – and a
short list of prohibited items of clothing are to be found at the end of this document.

x. In the sports and spa area, and in direct transit to the sports and spa area from
the front entrance of the Club, or from the bedrooms via the lifts, active wear,
trainers, jeans and denim wear are acceptable.

xi. Members may wear casual wear when crossing the Club Room floor in direct transit
to the Long Bar.

xii. Between 6:30am and 11:00am on weekdays a casual dress code applies for
breakfast in the Brooklands Room.

xiii. In the months of summer (June, July and August), gentlemen are not required to
wear jackets or ties in any of the facilities.

Fuck that. This bit made me chuckle though, part of the banned items list:

Leisure-wear, such as shorts (applies to men only), polo shirts, T-shirts, items
with large logos and leggings, even leather (except under dresses).

Where the fuck is that meeting? Tory HQ?


sounds like it would be a really fun place to go nics, you should go

Ahm oot.

This place:


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Having to dig out old school trousers to wear to Essex nightclubs :sunglasses:

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Ahm oot.

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Good crikey. I need a cold shower.


Ooft! As a cyclist I reckon you should turn up in full bibs, Penge loud and proud.

*looks out leather underwear*

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Can’t remember, I don’t tend to go to dress code places. I’ve been to my friend’s club for dinner which requires men to wear a jacket and tie, that’s probably it.

When I was in the US a couple of years ago we went to a bar which had a dress code that said things like “No oversized white T-shirts, no baggy jeans, no do-rags”, took a while to work out it was basically saying “no black people” without being quite that explicit.

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Oh, I went there for a friend’s birthday. Think I wore black tie.

Royal automobile club is really really nice inside tbf

My internal examiner at my viva pointed out that technically the regulations stipulate that you have to wear sub fusc when entering and leaving the exam, so I should feel free to make myself comfortable while I was in there.

My stressed brain shouted “TAKE YOUR TROUSERS OFF, GO ON, IT’LL BE HILARIOUS” but I had to settle for removing my gown and bow tie because I quite wanted to pass.


Only club with a pool iirc.

Tbh, I’d be so far out of my depth socially anywhere that had a 2 point dress-code, never mind a xiii point one, the anxiety would cripple me.


Pretty much anywhere with a dress code doesn’t deserve my presence.