Dressing gown/bath robe

  • I own a bath robe
  • I do not own a bath robe (That is the epitome of fake news)
  • Only use them in hotels

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I own two, but I don’t wear them, not even while watching FOX News.


sorta forgot i had one and hadn’t used it in 6 months but been back in the bathrobe game just lately


I’ve got a Jedi Knight dressing gown, obviously.


I associate bathrobes with Tony Soprano. No one has ever worn them that well since…





slippers are better and more important in terms of dress down comfort


It’s the socks that ruin that photo for me, I’m afraid.


I got a very nice one for my birthday which is possibly the best one I’ve ever had. I like to get a new one each year.

I rarely wear them in hotels because they’re never that soft.

I also should say that I sometimes wear my dressing gown to bed because its comfy.


I agree


Nearly there


Mine is too big. I sometimes wear one of Mrs HYG’s instead because she has several to choose from. I should probably buy a proper one of my own.


I have two.


I own one but never wear it




I have one - it was a gift. It is made my the Animal brand (I think), it has a tiger skin pattern, a hood, and is very soft.

I only tend to wear it when going to/ from the bathroom when the kids are around.

For general mooching I prefer to wear PJ trousers and a hoody



I do not. Never needed one.


I have a dressing gown. It’s soft, kind of fleecey I guess. I think bath robes are cotton like a towel. I do not think it is appropriate to use the terms ‘dressing gown’ and ‘bath robe’ interchangeably.