dressing up

even as a kid i fucking hated having to dress up for halloween, i don’t think i’ve ever been to a social gathering that’s been improved by the attendees being in fancy dress

do you enjoy wearing this type of thing?




when was the last time you were forced to do it pniks?

It’s always shit isn’t it

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genuinely can’t remember

about ten or so years ago i had a couple of “themed” parties but people were in no way expected to take part in the fancy dress aspect of it

i can’t remember the last time i was invited to something like that anyway, but if it was fancy dress i just wouldn’t go

falls under the realm of “organised fun” which is always utter shit

Never done any fancy dress. Always sounded shit to me. Never wanted to be in the presence of people in fancy dress either.

Does Easyjet count?

What’s this thing they do at Comic Con n that? Cosplay: that’s some next level fancy dress shit right there

And yes, anyone over the age of 11 doing it under any circumstances but first term of uni needs to have words with themselves.

best to ask @Epimer i hear he’s big into that scene

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Dressing up is fun

Trying to find a female costume that isn’t marketed as ‘sexy’ is less fun

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YES! this was the type of big #onions i was hoping for

aye there’s a properly grim sexist side to it too

Think I’d like to dress up MORE. I don’t get invited to ENOUGH dress up parties.

you could start doing it every friday at work? in a hilarious twist on “dress down friday”

I am generally not a fan of fancy dress, and will avoid going to parties if they require it.

However, my experience of going to Comic Con recently with my kids has changed my perception of Cosplay. It seems to be an opportunity for kids who may be outsiders at school to express themselves and show a different side of their personality. My son is normally very shy, but at Comic Con he was wandering round with a large entourage in tow and loved the attention he got because of his costume. He was voluntarily talking to strangers. It seems to be what kids who in my generation would have been indie kids or goths now gravitate towards.

The whole scene is very inclusive of race, gender, sexuality, body-shape and neuro-diversity. There’s a really kind and fun atmosphere. I have to say I was impressed.


File under: Things that are done to appease 5% of a gathering when 95% are indifferent at best and actively resistant at worst.

(See also: Karaoke)