dressing up

Which is why I’ve culled the 95% part of my friendship group.

For both activities


Killed them?

softly with this song (I sang at karaoke)

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I understand

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Think you mean the football fans who dress up as footballers and show their devotion to the fandom by getting their fav’s name and number put on the back.

Bunch of fucking nerds.

i’ve always felt that karaoke was only really enjoyed by the person singing, and as such is an inherently selfish pursuit

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Hard agree.


i actually had a decent idea for an easy/lazy/cheap ‘costume’ a couple of years ago but i just haven’t bothered going out on halloween for ages now instead. oh well.


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Find attending a karaoke party ‘fun’ as long as nobody is harangued into singing if they don’t want to.

Fancy dress is shite and doesn’t seem to come with the same option of going but not taking part in the fancy dress, so I generally would not go to a fancy dress party.


I sometimes find other people’s costumes ‘funny’ or ‘good’ and enjoy looking at them