Are you a dribbler? I am a serial dribbler. I’ll dribble onto myself, into my food, onto the floor, you name it. Most of the time no-one notices but I’m spotted with depressing regularity. “Did you just dribble on yourself?” they will ask, pointing at a noticeable dribble stain on my shirt. “Yes” I will reply, “I have just dribbled on myself”.

The last time? Last week leaning over to view the reduced items in Asda, some just fell out of my mouth and landed on my shoes. Luckily I was alone. Alone, dribbling in Asda.


Why does your avatar have alt-text saying ‘Toby’?

How do you do that?

its your name in the profile


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Oh yeah.

“Here to help”

Used to be a serious sleep dribbler. Can’t remember the last time I woke up with a wet face now though. Progress.



Here’s a fun little game I like to play.

Let out a little dribble and then try to suck it back up before it disconnects and hits the ground. The longer you manage to get the dribble to get from your mouth the better.

Protip: the more dehydrated you are, the thicker your drool is, and so you get more distance.

the very thought of that makes me gag. imagine, when it comes back into your mouth it would be cold. I shudder to think


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always found that part of the appeal

haven’t done it since i was a kid though, i’m not a monster

I dribble far more than I should. I’ve dribbled so much in my sleep that i’ve managed to stain my mattress from where the dribble has run off my pillow???

Recently I was in my pjs and about to commence a ridiculous unsexy dance in the living room to my bf and as I started, a little bit of dribble fell out and onto the floor for some reason.


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This is a horrible misuse of the words “fun” and “game”.

it really shocked me

Big fan of falling sleep on the train, waking myself up with a snore having a surprise dribble at the same time but then being too embarrassed to open my eyes because I know everyone has been looking at me (or laughing and sympathising with my wife if on a plane where spirits are higher in both senses).

So I keep eyes closed and inevitably fall asleep again and get stuck in a humiliation loop. I’ve been on the same train for 2 years now and am writing this in my dreams.