@Epimer has never used a drill before.

Have you?

I have. I used a stud detector on both the wall and myself for good measure.

Epimer needs advice on his #drillskills, this thread will help.

Got myself a new set of drill bits the other day, gonna try them out on a wardrobe maybe this evening.

wait NEVER? How do you DIY without a drill tho?

What a fucking pampered prick!


Extremely Tory to assume that people would live in properties in which they are permitted to carry out DIY.



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so you don’t help your family out? christ.

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love drilling. had a SDS hammer drill (corded) which was great but then broke. used it for all sorts of stuff, chiseling mortar, mixing new mortar, drilling fixings into brick and stuff.

now got a cordless DeWalt with hammer which is great, one-handed chuck is really nice so you can quickly swap bits, and it’s fine for our house. we have plasterboard walls with steel studs so it’s always fun putting things up. managed to get a tv bracket up the other day partly in steel stud and then the other side using these bad boys…


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Extremely Tory to suggest that everyone’s family own their own homes too.


going to have to use a drill this week, in fact. got to drill a hole in a pedal case to fit a new momentary pedal.

last drilling i did - about three weeks ago, while installing a new folding door on our shower. now if you’ll excuse me, i seem to have trodden in something with a rather wretched odour and i need to think about doing something about it.

allow me to be the first to say


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Several times and each time made a massive hole way too big for what I need but cba filling the gap and starting again so I’m surprised anything is still clinging onto the walls

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i love that you appear to think DIY solely extends to drilling into walls. another clear sign that you have never done any DIY

Extremely Tory to assume that everyone has possessions


This reminds me - I must put the bathroom cupboard back up at the weekend

(just for clarification, the DIY work to put it up originally was done by the previous owners of the house, not me)

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But if they don’t they work in the trades and will have to drill

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Top tip: depending on how big the hole is you can make it smaller again by wedging in a bit of matchstick or cocktail stick

Used to hate drilling but then I spent proper money on a set of good bits, instead of the pound shop equivalents and let me tell you there’s a world of difference.


can we extend the chat to be about fixings as well?

Those gripits I put above are seriously seriously good if you want to hang heavy stuff from plasterboard. you can take them out and re-use them as well, because other fixings you can’t remove (like snaptoggles), or if you unscrew something then they can loosen, like these…


I do tend to use these for lighter things around the house because you don’t need a drill (although I tend to pilot hole (check for stud, and also to ensure you centre it properly))



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