Drinking, eating, listening, reading, watching?

Drinking: Track 'Sonoma’
Eating: Peppered stewed steak and pumpkin rice
Listening: Jackson C Frank - Forest of Eden
Reading: When Saturday Comes
Watching: Donnie Brasco


Drinking: Dark Star "Not into Yoga"
Eating: Pie, chips and beans
Watching: James Bond Goldfinger.

Drinking: water
Eating: pizza
Watching: the league of gentlemen (hasn’t aged well imo)
Reading: drownedinsound.community

Drinking: still waiting for a cup of tea promised to me two hours ago
Eating: deciding on pizza vs curry takeaway
Listening: Gillian welch
Reading: nothin
Watching: nothin

Drinking: Meon Valley Cider ltd - Chalk Stream
Eaten: Nduja, mushroom pizza
Listening: The Cure - A Forest
Watching: the world walk past the restaurant
Reading: n/a

Drinking: orchard thieves
Eating: lasagne
Listening: a moon shaped pool
Watching: GoT (season one)
Reading: infinite jest (6 months later)