Drinking Water Thread (NO polls)

How many glasses on average a day?
How big a glass you going for?
Can’t think of any more rhymes

I have a 600ml bottle at work that I refill usually three times. So with glasses at home, probably about 2ltrs total.

Good thread.

I drink a lot but I am a big sweaty bastard.

I use an oversize Bulmers pint glasses because I am a big sweaty bastard, I had nicked some from a pub but then I had to buy some from eBay as they smashed.

Thank you.

Why do we keep having threads about drinking water?


Raw water is v trendy right now


Drink loads of fizzy water

Kidney stones innit

Preparation for imminent Waterworld style apocalypse.

I’ve got about ten antibiotic tabs left over. I am going to be a fucking king.

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200ml glass before leaving for work
2 x 750ml bottles at my desk
200ml at lunch
1-2 x 300ml glass in the evening

I reckon I’m getting enough on a typical working day but probably not on others.

I drink water out of a pint glass mainly

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Really should drink more water. Currently had a SIP of water today, that’s about it.

I wanna be more @meowington

How thin is the glass?

Best part of UK for water

  • Scotland (Highland Springs)
  • Wales (Brecon Carreg)
  • England (Harrogate, delicious Thames water)
  • Northern Ireland (Giant’s Causeway)

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A bit in the morning, at least 4 good sized glasses at work, prob about 1/2 pints at home in evening.

I’m quite shit at drinking both in terms of how I should drink more but also the actual technique of drinking is apparently something I’m bad at, I gulp too much and do it too quickly or something

Too thick to aid the perceived mouthfeel of beer but fine for water.

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How about Bulmer’s cider?

I’m not sure I have ever had one.

2 litres if I’m not exercising.
3 litres if I am. One of that 3 is with salts.

This does not include teas or coffee which would probably make up another 2 litres I reckon.

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