Drinking Water Thread (NO polls)

never really drink water anymore. Just tea and coffee

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That’s just nice water m9

Enjoy your penis explosion/s


water with a twist of tea, water with a twist of coffee - £7

always do

250ml for breakfast
5/6 x 250ml throughout the day
250ml for dinner

  • another litre if I’m running home.
  • a glass of fruit juice in the morning

I tend to drink to thirst rather than a strict amount.

It would be good and funny if people drank out of those bottles that rabbits and rodents and that use with the tiny ball that they have to lick wouldn’t it

I’m getting an idea for a new London theme café…

6 or 7 330ml glasses a day at work, then a 500ml bottle (refillable) at home.

Ice during the summer, preferably from a metallic jug.

Never a spice - not even tumeric.

I should state that this mixtape features the opening lyric to a track that goes “my piss ain’t never been so clear” and it’s punctuated with “drink. more. water” throughout so it’s not just a title based joke entry or whatever

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Bad Tone never touched a liquid that wasn’t booze mate

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I drink approximately 0ml of water each day. I do drink massive amounts of tea and I feel that this more than makes up for it.


What do you mean xylo?

Works for me!

Wonderfully contradictory post.


You don’t see many people called Walter do you



I have now realised that you may have been in hospital at the time and apologise for the incredibly inconsiderate tone of this post.

My best wishes to you and your penis.

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But once more for those in the back:

Here is a vaguely water based anecdote. I once got two fish in a secret santa one of whom required special pills in the water to live but the special pills ended up killing the second one. I didn’t like it.