Drinks audit 13/9/18

coffee x 2
water x 3
squash (orange) x 3

coffee x 2
water x 1
squash (lemon) x 1

need to drink more water really

i’m really thirsty today

dunno why

Coffee x 1
Rooibos x 4
Cherry Coke Zero x 1

Coffee x 1
Water - about 500ml

Tea x 1
Water x 1 pint
Squash (Pink Grapefruit) x 1 pint

v60 coffee x 1
flat white x 1
pint of water x 3

tea x 4

Only had 1x 330ml can of Pepsi Max :confused:

Thanks for the reminder

that’s x 1

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or was it x2?

please RTF

My bottle carries a litre and I’ve had about half of a bottle

It’s x1/2 if anything

2 x coffee
2 x tea
some water

1 x some water

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1 x half-water

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Coffee x 2
Glass of water x 2
330ml can of coke zero

1 x flat white (pret)

Probably need something else

Water x 1.5

Coffee x 1 (V60, white, 1 sugar)

OJ x 1 (fresh from concentrate)

As I’m hungover I should really have more. Will have a tea in a mo

Coffee x3
Glass o’ milk x1
Water 650ml